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Convergent AV Media brings you podcast shows that focus on certain topics in audio visual, IT, digital signage and adjacent realms of tech – stories that affect our everyday lives in the technology world.

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The AV Life – Listen to one of the Audio Visual/Tech industry’s most popular podcasts a show with commercial and residential technology professionals known as “The Crew” who bring conversation with guests in and outside of the AV industry about tech, trade shows, trends, experiences, marketing, branding, social media – and life.

Join the Crew of AV and tech professionals! Produced by Corey Moss.

The AV Life was noted as “the main industry show” by well-known AV industry manufacturer Draper, Inc. in their blog AV PODCASTS YOU SHOULD FOLLOW.

As Draper stated in the blog:

Often there are several guests (10 to 14 total participants at times), giving this podcast a fun and family-type vibe. This can mean a longer podcast listen, but it allows a deeper dive into the issues and elicits a nice variety of opinion. The AV Life is one of several podcasts from Convergent AV. The others take a similar approach to covering various aspects of AV.

Corey and Kym Frank partner to host a plethora of guests to talk about all things AV, tech and more. Corey, Kym and the co-host Crew of industry tech and social media professionals carry on a weekly conversation with people from inside and outside the AV industry.

The AV Life is available on iTunes – you can download, share and subscribe to all episodes here

The Road to Techtopia – If you like The AV Life, you’ll really like The Road to Techtopia. Hosts Kym Frank, Corey Moss, Spence (Bull) Graham, Maura Quinn and Michelle Loret bring a podcast show that is a tech+ format. They’ll be talking AV, tech, movies, music and just all around great things with their guests.

The Road to Techtopia is available on iTunes – you can download, share and subscribe to all episodes here

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Convergent Tech Talk – Podcast discussions with industry professionals about technology, innovation, partnerships, case studies and more. Hosted by Corey Moss. Produced by Corey Moss.

Convergent Tech Talk is available on iTunes, you can download and subscribe to episodes here.  

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Convergent Week  – The week on Convergent AV as well as other tech industry news. Host Corey Moss invites guests from the AV/tech industry to discuss news stories of the week. Produced by Corey Moss.

Convergent Week is available on iTunes, you can download and subscribe to episodes here

The AV Tech Trade, hosted by Corey Moss is a discussion format show with AV company executives as well as industry influencers – highlighting technology, trade shows, organizations, mergers and acquisitions and more.

The AV Tech Trade is available on iTunes, you can download and subscribe to episodes here. 

More shows are in development!

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