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Convergent is the tech, AV is the Experience. Stories and podcasts in and around the AV industry.

Convergent AV Radio Podcasts

Convergent AV Radio brings you podcast shows that focus on certain topics in the audio visual and IT tech industry, unified communications and collaboration, and some of the stories that effect our everyday lives in the tech and marketing worlds.

Convergent AV Radio podcasts are on iTunes and other platforms (where indicated below).

Our shows are:

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The AV Life 

A podcast show with commercial and residential technology professionals known as “The Crew” who bring conversation with great guests in and outside of the AV industry about tech, trade shows, marketing, social media – and life.

Join the Crew!

The AV Life is available on iTunes – you can download, share and subscribe to all episodes here


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The Collaboration Factor

A podcast where guests in the collaboration space join in on discussion of technologies, concepts, partnerships, trade shows and more.


The Collaboration Factor is available on iTunes – you can download and subscribe to episodes here.  


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Convergent Tech Talk

Podcast discussions with industry professionals about technology, innovation, partnerships, case studies and more hosted by Corey Moss, owner of Convergent AV.




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EdTech Focus 

(Returning soon)



More new shows to come – stay tuned.




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