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Convergent AV – Feature stories, news and podcasts for the AV industry across the world.

Our main industry podcast is The AV Life with The Crew who are industry tech as well as marketing and communications experts, Convergent Tech Talk is a tech discussion format podcast with industry professionals covering numerous subjects, AV Talk+ is a podcast, talking with AV people about AV+ things, and Convergent Week is a talk show podcast discussing the week on Convergent AV as well as other tech industry news. We talk with people in AV along with adjacent realms of technology – Digital Signage, IT, AI, Big Data, cybersecurity and more.

Katye McGregor Bennett’s AV Trade Talk focuses on residential technology and smart home.

The Show Corner takes place before major industry trade shows.

We are in the process of developing more new podcasts.

Who are our readers and listeners?

Our readers and listeners are AV and IT industry insiders, manufacturers as well as end users. Our podcasts attract a diverse audience of professionals as they cover AV, IT, Digital Signage, Smart Home and more – along with various themes. Convergent AV introduces a Tech Trends section – cybersecurity, AI and blockchain. Our podcasts are the most diverse in the industry in terms of hosts, co-hosts, guests and content.

How can your company become a part of the Convergent AV community?

To have your company’s story/news considered for publication or a podcast, or if you will be exhibiting at a trade show or regional event and would like to discuss coverage and/or a podcast, please get in touch. See contact information below.

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Our main Crew

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Corey Moss – Owner/Editor-In-Chief and Podcast Producer at Convergent AV


Podcasts: Host – The AV Life, Convergent Tech Talk, AV Talk+ and co-host – Convergent Week


Katye McGregor Bennett – Podcast Co-Producer at Convergent AV and CEO|Chief Strategist at KMB Communications


Podcasts: Host – The AV Life,  AV Trade Talk and co-host – Convergent Week




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