By Corey Moss

In and out of AV

As many know, I had a stroke last August and haven’t written or podcasted since. It’s been a somewhat long arduous, and painful road to get back to now.

My podcast partner and The AV Life Crew member Kym Frank started a GoFundMe for melast year to help take care of expenses not covered under insurance, I noticed it on Facebook while lying in the hospital bed. I love you very much for this Kym. So many of you donated and left very encouraging messages, and I thank you and love you all. My Crew member Tim Van Woeart came to visit me, driving to Alexandria VA from New Jersey where he lives and works for Rutgers University on a Saturday. Much love for you my AV Brother. The crew is more than a podcast team,
I put it together like a family.

This is my first blog since bringing back Convergent AV, this week I will be back on The AV Life, currently a Higher Ed AV production hosted by Tim,and I’m really looking forward to it.

A world of terrible uncertainty

Like waking up from a coma in a world of terrible uncertainty. This all rushed at me late last year, a major worldwide pandemic, mass business layoffs, much of it unfortunately affecting the AV industry.
I know AVIXA has kept a close watch on it.

You can’t go visit the doctor, how to be seen then?

Many physicians are using video applications like Zoom to visit with patients.Therapists are doing the same thing.

How to conduct business in this ‘social distancing’ world?

Much the same way., along with the use of messaging apps employees can work safely, comfortably and effectively from home.

After years of trying to convince executives of the usage and efficiency of videoconferencing, here we are, and hopefully it will continue even after it is considered most necessary like it is now during Covid 19. Hopefully doctors will continue to use it to in a world of ‘new normal’ as it is considered now.

I am currently residing in Georgia, where I have been since late last year seeing doctors and receiving physical therapy. a long and sometimes arduous road to get to now. Much love for my brother Matt and sister-in-law Michele for helping to find me therapy and doctors here in Georgia as well as to relocate here which is still in process. It’s good to be back in the swing and I can’t wait to get my voice back in the industry. I will remain a Crew member on the AV Life now and will bring back other podcasts like ‘Convergent Week,’ as well a add a new podcast in October where a cohost search is under way now.

Much love AVTweeps and I’ll catch you on podcast soon!