Integrators now have another problem-solving speaker enabling them to deliver superior sound and higher output levels for discreet theater surround channels or distributed audio applications  

James Loudspeaker, designers and manufacturers of the highest quality décor-friendly entertainment products for both residential and commercial applications, have introduced the 63SAS-7HO-2.5R and 63SAS-7HO-2.5L Small Aperture loudspeakers available with either right and left offset, enabling integrators to install best quality speaker systems that line up perfectly with lighting fixtures that have been installed close to the ceiling joists. The woofer port and midrange/tweeter assembly are canted either to the right or left side of the enclosure, enabling integrators to place the 3-inch grille exactly where it needs to be. The new offset Small Aperture (SA) speakers also help to accommodate plumbing or other obstacles that integrators may encounter when installing an architectural speaker in a ceiling or wall. Small Aperture offset models are available now from James Loudspeaker.

“Based on feedback from integrators about the challenges they face on real-world job sites, our engineers were able to make the Small Aperture series even more versatile with the introduction of these offset models,” stated Keith Parke, National Sales Director at James Loudspeaker. “Our capacity to create and execute new product designs quickly in our US factory is an asset to our dealers and continues to distinguish James Loudspeaker as a true solutions provider.”

The Most Versatile High-Performance Architectural Speaker You Won’t See

The James Loudspeaker 63SA-7HO features aircraft-grade aluminum construction and modular design, providing long life and easy service, while a built-in limiter circuit offers the utmost in long term reliability. The 63SA-7HO’s compact footprint and 7-inch depth are best suited for in-ceiling applications. The SA series of speakers is available with an array of 3-inch round and square Microperf grilles, and has also been designed to accept industry standard 3-inch and 4-inch lighting trim kits to allow seamless integration with similarly styled lighting products. The new Microperf grilles utilize smaller perforations and offer a less obtrusive, almost invisible presentation that nearly vanishes into any décor.

The Superb Sound of James Loudspeaker Small Aperture

Made in the USA, James Loudspeaker Small Aperture models incorporate high-performance proprietary aluminum drivers and are available in both 3-way and 2-way versions. Each speaker is housed in an aircraft-grade aluminum enclosure designed to minimize resonances and enhance the durability even in high humidity. Small Aperture speakers deliver superb room-filling full-range musical playback including clearly defined bass response, eliminating the need for bulky external subwoofer modules in most system designs. Custom integrators will appreciate that Small Aperture speakers represent the highest degree of reliability and performance for any entertainment application. Designed for multi-room audio and home theater clientele seeking a premium performance solution that dramatically outperforms traditional architectural speakers, Small Aperture models from James Loudspeaker deliver higher output capability, true high-fidelity, superb off-axis performance, unmatched durability and aesthetic perfection.

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About James Loudspeaker

James Loudspeaker® designs and manufactures high-performance speakers for residential and commercial applications. James offers a vast array of architectural speakers along with custom solutions that minimize visual presence while delivering the finest sound quality for indoor, outdoor and marine audio systems. Engineered and manufactured in the US since 1999, James Loudspeaker products are sold and installed through the finest custom integration specialists worldwide.