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Re-join the Crew host Maura Quinn, Corey Moss, Joe Way and their guests Charmaine Torruela, Brandon Breznick, Tekeiya Jordan as they bring you the brand new segment – ‘The Great AV Life Debate.’

The Facebook is in your head… in your head… dept.

Futurism Facebook is Making Progress on Its Mind Reading Headset

An interesting topic for the first debate in the brand new segment – even teams with Maura and Corey as the leaders. Who did Maura pick? Did she pick the best strategic team? Did she use a card? She did explain the rules so if you haven’t figured out how our debate segments are done, now you will.

Maura’s team goes first, with some pretty good technological, scientific and collaboration explanations given. Corey’s wondering if he might have made a wrong move here…

And then all of a sudden BOOM – it turns on a dime as the other team’s first person goes, and drops the mic big-time. Does it end there? Game, set and match? Or did Maura get back in and play another emotion card?

Tune in to find out, and hear Joe talk about what guys think about all day. Corey talks about what he especially thinks about all day.

Sit back, plug in and listen to this new mind-blowing debate segment as we live…

The AV Life.

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Note: this is a “debate to win” segment, however the conversation provided by Maura’s team is a pretty good one – make sure listen to it.

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