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Re-join hosts Kym FrankCorey MossMaura Quinn and their guest Andrew Davis in this 3rd episode as it continues to go freewheeling until the end.

Again, Kym wants a 4th episode…

First, Corey has a theory about digital signage touchscreens at quick serve restaurants – having to do with your fingerprints and data you’re putting into them. Be aware.

Then this leads to the next article –

The let the music and the data move you dept.

Observer Researchers Find Rock Music Is the Best for Transmitting Hidden Data

We all remember (well, ok most of us) in the 90’s when Christian groups were up in arms, saying that hidden satanic messages were embedded in rock music. Van Halen, Queen, Judas Priest – if you listen to these bands it’s stated that there is embedded data in certain songs. Though Rob Halford, the lead singer of Judas Priest, said that it would be counterproductive to tell their fans to kill themselves; it would be more practical to have a subliminal message that said, “buy more of our records.” 


As you know. Kym is our resident data expert. Researchers in Switzerland have now developed a technique for embedding data in music and transmitting it to a smartphone. 

Then Kym starts talking about the movie Bohemian Rhapsody, and airlines.

A dystopian future begins. But all pretty much know that.


Then, it’s time for the real chaos to ensue…

The deepfake, retail, nourishment – what? dept.

Forbes Digital Doubles: The Deepfake Tech Nourishing New Wave Retail

It’s time for Kym to say pew pew in The Firing Range (a big shoutout to her son on this one), and Corey starts to plan his winning (?) strategy. Just four at this point, so Kym and Corey pick either Maura or Andrew. Now as we all know Maura has different cards (emotion, cute cuddly animals) which she’ll play, but Andrew has some cards of his own that he’ll throw down.

Have you seen the new Cats trailer? Do you think it’s creepy like everyone here does? What does this have to do with this article in the first place?

Kym is of course our data expert (like we said) and has a lot of knowledge about retail too (and she was a teenager who hung out at the mall all the time). She makes the strategic team pick (we think we know who that is…). Maura loves buying things online, doesn’t like going to the stores (thus, she doesn’t hang at the mall) – and she finishes without a card. She does say love a lot. And heck yeah.

Maura asks a question about “nourishing” – things begin to unfold.

Kym’s sound effect starts it rolling. It unravels from there as Andrew begins his argument and Maura cuts in. Then there are buffalo wings. Then it’s possible that Maura violated the rules, there could be a penalty she and Kym disagree. Kym says pew pew again. Then Andrew is confused. Corey gets confused, and can hardly argue for his side. The win goes to one team, after the other just gives up.

And then you think the confusion ends. Not quite.

Sit back, plug in, enjoy the chaos as we live…

The AV Life.

Happy Birthday Maura!!