Join hosts Kym Frank, Corey Moss, Maura Quinn and their guests Michelle Loret, Andrew Davis on this 3rd episode of the newly resurrected show which tackles mysterious and serious subjects, sometimes in a fun way (that was popular in late 2018)…

Which Kym Frank hopes makes it to a 4th episode.

We’re guaranteed two things in life (which Kym reveals). Then there’s a third (also introduced by Kym), and a variation on top of that (yes, Kym again).

After the guests are introduced, there’s a birthday shoutout (#NoWayJoeWay), then the discussion of a future world of intelligent robots based on Ray Kurzweil’s Singularity.

First an article, an SXSW interview with Kurzweil –

The can we, and the robots really wait till 2045 for the Singularity to happen? dept.

Futurism Kurzweil Claims That the Singularity Will Happen by 2045

All talk about this, but Maura Quinn hits the real Singularity home run here – listen to her “new” prediction.

We thank JP Ward for this tweet, which started the next conversation –

Discussion here about Cambridge Analytica, Facebook, Zuckerberg, robots (Kym again), weak minds, The Lego Movie, the Singularity (is Maura following?), AI, The Terminator, deepfakes, Soylent Green and more — yeah. Andrew, who is darn smart (and he acknowledges that Kurzweil is a smart guy too), has his own opinions of Kurzweil’s predictions. And Maura has a different opinion about The Great Hack – if you don’t know Maura yet, get to know her as soon as possible. Let’s just say she’s wicked smaht. Corey introduces a thought on quick serve restaurant digital signage touchscreens and personal data collection (to be continued in Part 2).

Maura also mentions this (follow her instructions) –

The next article of focus –

The dying in the future can be pretty amazing… or not dept.

Futurism 7 Ways to Die in the Future

Future predictions — ranging from vengeful sex robots to off-brand spacesuits. As the present most common causes of death are pretty well-known (according to the Center for Disease Control), in the future there will exist many more possibilities – seven that are predicted here – that you may just be more interested in. Michelle knows that someone on the show has promised to take care of her, so she’ll be good with another possibility – dying in blissful old age after automation and basic income grant you a leisurely life to explore the arts, sciences and hobbies.

Then there are the predictions of being impaled on the tusk of a resurrected woolly mammoth at a futuristic zoo, and perishing in a fiery wreck when internet pranksters hack all the self-driving cars to crash simultaneously.

Listen in.

And one more thing – Wednesday is Maura’s birthday, and it’s been given a special name.

Birthday celebration notification on a billboard – yes, Kym again. Then Maura’s getting geofenced (by Kym).

This conversation must be had over a beer (listen to it with one too)…

Enjoy Part 1!

Part 2 is here.