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Today’s transportation industry is continuously looking for new ways to effectively use technology to improve operational efficiency and enhance the customer experience. To meet these challenges, organizations require solutions that are flexible, expandable, provide centralized management, and reduce manpower demands.

There are several applications, to go with targeted technology solutions:

Digital signage

The usage of digital signage in global industry markets has expanded greatly over the last several years – transportation is one of those markets seeing true enhancement through this technology’s ongoing deployment. With this technology expansion in transportation, customers are realizing a more exceptional experience, while seeing instant benefits in terms of wayfinding, advertising and more.

Purpose: information sharing


  • Displays are widely spread out
  • The number of video displays is more than the video sources (sometimes the video content is the same on the video displays)


  • HDMI HDBaseT splitter and extender
  • Video matrix
  • AV over IP extender

Command and Control Room

Traffic management control rooms, the nerve centers of traffic monitoring and operations, need to access and manage 24/7 video surveillance to ensure quick incident detection and optimal response as well as proactively controlling signals to avoid congestion. Other vital tasks include real-time traffic video management for various purposes, including the provision of video support for law enforcement activities. In addition, the use of data from different sources in real-time and processing information to make immediate decisions are the keys to successful traffic management in smart cities.

Purpose: information sharing and control


  • Video wall for information sharing (AV)
  • KVM for PC / server control (IT)
  • Pro AV meets IT


  • Video matrix that can do both video switching and video wall
  • KVM over IP extender that allow operators to switch and control different PCs and servers

Data center

The transportation industry is predicted to be one of the fastest growing verticals, especially for high performance KVM switches and KVM over IP solutions, as network managers in this area need to be able to access and control multiple computer systems that are often geographically dispersed. Public transport systems face unique challenges in relation to passenger safety and security, as well as providing uninterrupted services, so there are a number of data access and management applications in this industry. With network managers usually based in centralized data centers at main transport hubs performing administrative tasks while overseeing the consolidation of servers at different locations throughout the transportation system, data management solutions in this vertical need to be especially stable and secure while offering efficient management and control.

Purpose: access and control multiple computer systems in different locations


  • Provide centralized control of servers located in multiple locations
  • Make it easy and efficient for IT administrators to remotely monitor the video output of multiple servers from one computer
  • Remotely monitor and manage the power supplied to each server


  • KVM
  • PDU
  • Central Management Software

There are case studies to go with each application:

Digital Signage

  • Train station #1 (Japan): HDMI HDBaseT splitter and extender
  • Train station #2 (Taiwan): Video matrix
  • Airport: (major U.S. airport project – currently underway, undisclosed) AV over IP

Command and Control Room

  • City traffic control center (Thailand): Video matrix and video extender
  • Railroad: (major U.S. railroad – completed, undisclosed) AV meets IT

Data Center

  • Subway system remote server room management (India): KVM

Remote control and centralized management of all server rooms, allowing fewer adminstrators to manage more servers and eliminating the need to be on site. Save on manpower and travel costs.


  • Boost efficiency
  • Minimize downtime
  • Flexible control
  • Increase availability

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