Jordan Owens, VP of Architecture at Pexip joins Corey Moss to discuss a Convergent AV Media feature story Digital Perspectives: Transformation and Innovation – What Will the Future Hold?

The statement: This seemingly cutting-edge phrase (digital transformation) dwells in obscurity. It’s a throwaway line. Instead of using it as a blanket statement of your technological intentions, be specific. Talk about how your teams will use artificial intelligence or cloud-based platforms. Without context, “digital transformation” says little.*

Jordan brings his own perspectives in terms of discussion points from the article and more, he also talks about Pexip’s videoconferencing and collaboration platform.

  • The statement above
  • A mind shift in terms of digital transformation
  • Thoughts concerning innovation vs. digital transformation
  • The approach to the end user, focusing on needs and solving business problems
  • Businesses shifting and utilizing innovative technology tools, leading to further innovation within
  • Collaboration, and targeted experiences for the end user
  • How innovation transformed videoconferencing and collaboration with cloud and software, to go with hardware – a contextual-based shift vs. digital transformation
  • User experience at the forefront, to go along with targeted experience
  • A Harvard Business Review article Technology Alone Won’t Solve Our Collaboration Problems – strategy including business focus and human behavior affecting technology approach
  • What will the future hold for videoconferencing, communications and collaboration?

Excellent insights from a well-known executive in videoconferencing and collaboration technology.

*Inc. 10 Buzzwords You Need to Forget in 2019