Join the Crew Corey Moss, Tim Van Woeart and Spence Graham as they welcome their guests:

Lauren Simmen – Director of Marketing at SurgeX

Adrian Doughty – Director, North American Sales at Nureva

Scott Tiner – Director of Client Services at Bates College, and AV industry writer

First, the tribute:

Upper: Spence, Corey, Adrian – Lower: Lauren, Tim, Scott

There you are, Tim does the Rip Torn MIB tribute as he enters the show in style – and all who are guests of the show know him as the Zoom green screen master. He went through more backgrounds during the podcast, and even more tributes.

The banter begins with the weather (like most conversations do), and we determine who are the northernmost and southernmost guests. Let’s just say Canada wins in the north – they always seem to. Spence is just a few miles below the Mason-Dixon line – West Virginia wins!

Next, more conversation as on the last episode, about animals to be released on InfoComm 2020 – and Lauren has a great one here. Adrian tries, but we’re just not sure how to get that animal into the Las Vegas Conference Center in the first place. Good luck with that one Nureva!

The tech, education and security discussion that follows is of course a more serious approach – which will also be picked up on further episodes. After this, the Crew and Scott talk about SurgeX and Nureva’s company tag lines, and Lauren really represents here for SurgeX. Adrian does give a very simple answer (no really, it’s simple) to cover Nureva’s approach.

The intermission (articles):

The if the bunk bed fits… privacy not included dept.

Fox 5: This bunk bed in San Francisco rents for $1,200 a month

Actually, this story becomes an excellent tie-in with this one:

The have money, why try to make friends? dept.

Futurism: This Is What You Get When You Rent Friends From the Internet

The answer to the “loneliness epidemic” – if you can afford to rent a bunk bed at $1200 a month, you can afford to negotiate a price for a rent-a-friend. Now if that’s not the true answer to loneliness in this day and age, we don’t know what is. Really.

Then, of course –

The when your privacy is never your own again dept.

The Washington Post: FBI, ICE find state driver’s license photos are a gold mine for facial-recognition searches

In this week’s The Firing Range, since Kym’s not here Tim takes over as the “other team” leader. Corey is his opponent, and while Tim got to pick his team first, Corey was quite OK with his team (five people total, is what it is). Tim turns this over to Scott to debate first (who was somewhat against going first) and he rose to the occasion. So did Lauren. Tim closed it out for his team simple, short and sweet. Spence laser-focused his response (and gave us a new revelation as well), and Corey tried to phone a friend (who always has a card to play). That’s against the rules of course, and he then went for the close.

Who wins?

Find out the answer to this question, along with an Easter Egg hidden at the very end.


Sit back, plug in and feel the power (SurgeX, power) as we live…

The AV Life.

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