Your hosts: Corey Moss, Kym Frank, Tim Van Woeart

Your guests: Gina Sansivero, Joe Way, Kate Calderon, Renee Benson, Michelle Loret

The business and technology worlds have a problem, and it’s mostly been just talk, or kept a secret — until now.

The following are discussed in this podcast:

Harassment – should people at trade shows, events and even in the office have to be concerned with this? In any environment? Shouldn’t have to be, but man is this a constant daily happening, and discussion.

Safety – really, this is a concern? We’re talking about trade show after-parties, gatherings, and office parties where there may be loads of people around. So again – problem? Sure is.

Booth babes – going to the auto show? Looking for the eye candy to go with the latest model BMW’s? Oh wait – we’re talking business and tech shows, and we’re talking about employees being mistaken for highly-paid models? Nope, not supposed to happen here.

Accountability, guidelines, codes of conduct – these are covered too.

We put away the articles and The Firing Range for this one – listen in, and find out about just how serious this all can be.

Find out more about women’s and diversity councils in your business or industry. Join them, support them, speak out. If you see something, say something, do something – if anyone fears repercussion by speaking out or doing, imagine the real predicament someone could be in if nothing is said, or done.

Sounds serious?

Join us, in the Road House.