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Issue #3: What has technology done to us? Should we stop using our smart phones, laptops, projectors, displays (help)…

Slate: Has Technology Made Us Bored, Lonely, Angry, Stupid?

OK that’s it, technology may have finally gotten the best of us. In fact, one of the things Kym reported here may have finally revealed just how much trouble we’re in — or maybe some will have more chances to get lucky. Tim’s almost lost full use of his thumbs from smart phone texting and tweeting, go ahead and buy your 5 year old a smartphone – don’t listen to his warning. But wait a minute, what happens when you take the smart phone away from a millennial or a Gen X’er? Or a Boomer? Or lord knows one could actually use a smart phone for actually calling someone? Turning it off to shut down? You don’t say.

And then, we bring it back in a big way…

The “If animals are kept in cages, why should reality stars be allowed to roam free?” dept.

Fast Company: Should Zoos Exist?

In The Firing Range, it’s Kym vs. Corey (here we go again) and uneven teams are chosen (here we go again). Kym’s team has the Against and Corey’s the For – yet, one of the Against team members temporarily forgot which team she was on (what happens when you get the extra). Tim has a message about keeping an eye on the kid (or maybe adult), so zoos can still exist. Joe talks about the San Diego Zoo, Tim talks about the one close to him in New Jersey, and Corey talks about the one near where he lived as a teenager in New York (that would be the Bronx Zoo). However we find out that John only wants to go to the Philadelphia Zoo for one thing – and it has nothing to do with animals. Maura has a question for him about it, maybe she’ll find out on the next show.

Gina talks about her dog Rocco, then there’s something about uncaging all of the animals to run in the streets. And weight watchers for animals. OMG. Maura gets distracted by food – what else is new. What about a virtual zoo? Sure, how about a virtual trade show (like no #AVafterDark). Spence talks about it from a risk management perspective – or else should we say those dumb enough to wander into the lion’s den, your time is probably up anyway. Then Kym has the answer to the booth babe issue – you can find it at the zoo.

Who wins this one? Help us out because we’re still really not sure.

Thank you for re-joining us – we’ve had six months to prepare and we think we hit this nail on the head. Or else every potential guest, when asked to join in the future will give us a polite but firm NO.

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