When all were last at the Road House (12/18/18):

AV Road House finally had it’s first commercial break – and then…

The Resurrection (6/21/19) :

Your hosts:

Kym Frank, Corey Moss, Tim Van Woeart, Maura Quinn

Your Guests:

John Greene, Mary Cook, Joe Way, Gina Sansivero, Spence Graham, Christina Cruzeiro, Cristina Lucas

The Road House officially opens again after all were snowed in back in December. Corey begins welcoming the guests to go along with the banter with the hosts and guests – and all Uber fans and foodies will surely enjoy it. First, let’s all recount those great Uber rides in Orlando (ha, yeah right), and also find out who on the show is not well liked by the company. As for the foodies, you see, Kym has a brand new Chick-Fil-A that opened near her in New Jersey, and all within a 30 mile radius have flocked there to line up all the way around the corner. The Microsoft Store wants to know how they do it.

Or maybe one friend told another friend and that friend said thank goodness, I was getting really tired of eating Taco Bell. Then all talk about a special chicken sandwich that Kym likes, and no one else wants. Next, that favorite snack of The AV Life – stroopwafels – which you can now get in a McDonalds McFlurry. Gina has actually been waiting for years for her stroopwafel prize from another podcast so many years ago. Good luck Gina, Corey owes about 100 people podcast stroopwafel prizes. Get your stroopwafel at McDonalds.

So on the Resurrection show, we have issues.

Issue #1: InfoComm 2019

Well, it’s not really an issue but a happening. Joe begins talking about (err, plugging) his podcast that was done at the show, and that AVaaS thing. Must it really die Joe? We hear the zombie said so. John and Mary also give their perspectives to the conversation. There’s also discussion about panels at the show – listen in for this.

Issue #2: Those “highly approachable” booth marketing events consultants (aka booth babes)

BBC News: ‘Booth babes’ cause controversy at business show

Let’s not kid ourselves, trade shows are still huge targets for these agency provided models. Sure, the auto show is always the place you’ll see the scantily clad next to the latest Ferrari models – however business and technology shows? Oh, no…

The great women in the tech industry especially deserve the greatest of respect, their hard work and achievements show this. The tech industry continuously looks for more women to join the ranks, but with these booth babes still popping up at trade shows – it’s not in line with this message at all. And on top of that, most geeks have trouble talking with “highly approachable” women anyway…

Listen to Cristina, Christina, Mary and Gina here – megapowerful women (all AVIXA Women’s Council group leaders) in the AV industry stating the case for all of the amazing women in the industry.

One more thing – booth babes just don’t work at tech shows for getting more marketable leads than without them (except CES, but that’s a crock in itself). It’s been scientifically proven…

Enjoy Part 1, Part 2 is here.