Join your hosts Kym Frank, Corey Moss and Tim Van Woeart as they welcome their guest:

Kevin Narine – IT Manager at Geopath (Let’s just say he works for Kym

There really is no explanation for all of this as Kym, Corey and Tim open the Road House early, and figure they’s be alone. They were wrong. Kevin is a Geopath IT guy (his title gives it away maybe?) – and you should know that there is now a brand new title in the industry for an IT person who also assembles IKEA furniture. Check that out.

White Castle – is there one near you? Corey’s trying to find out if there’s still one in Bayside, Queens where he used to live. If it’s still there, someone let us know please. Then there’s a stroopwafel McFlurry. Please report in if you have those near you too.

Then there’s this – if you ordered Impossible Sliders from White Castle, and got real burger sliders instead, would you be offended? Angry? It’s the end of the world?

Well that sets things up well for the first article:

ADWEEK: A Brooklyn Burger King Delivered Beef Whoppers to Customers Who Ordered (Meatless) Impossible Patties

Boy were some of those Impossible Burger hopefuls pissed. Actually, we heard that some of them said **** this and actually turned to real meat. Next stop – Arby’s!

Next on the agenda:

USA Today: Robot workers are coming to the Vegas Strip – and they may take jobs

Oh, come-on-now. Robot workers replacing humans? Well hang on – they are highly efficient, don’t talk back, and will work for exactly the wage you want to pay them – and you’ll still get the job done exactly as you want.

But there’s this thing about robots replacing bartenders, and Tim is stark raving mad. Find out what’s really gotten under his skin about it. Could this be the new Singularity?


Bloomberg: Ocado Invests in Indoor Farming in Step Beyond Grocery Tech

Robot farmers now? Really, just where the heck does this end? There’s this robot named Frank, and let’s just say Kym is damn proud of him. Namesake y’know. Oh and there will be more robot farmers coming up too, but will one be named Van Woeart – Tim can only hope (and be proud). And Kym loves this one.


It’s supposed to be the Firing Range, there was an article picked, but Kym and the rest decided to rope around this topic:

National/universal vs state laws – which would work best?

This is the final conversation here because you usually save the best for last. No, actually Kym saved all her best pew pews for it. But it is a good one (believe it or not they talk jughandles). Corey lives in Virginia, and he’s none too pleased. The governor has called, and our lawyers are on standby. Actually they’re on standby for about 2/3’s of the content on this one.

That’s it, welcome back to the Road House (the newly renovated and resurrected version) – we’ll see you for more after later in the month!

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