Hall Research, a California based manufacturer of AV signal management equipment is pleased to announce the SC-HD-2B, a 4K Scaler and Audio extracter that can scale DVI or HDMI video up to 4K @ 60Hz 4:4:4 resolution. The video can be manipulated to both vertical and/or horizontal mirroring. For example, the output can be horizontally flipped (mirrored along x-axis) or vertically flipped (mirrored along y-axis) both or none. Hue, saturation, and other salient parameters of video can also be controlled. The mirroring feature is useful for teleprompter and rear projection systems.

The unit takes advantage of the HDMI signal’s ability to embed audio along with video. Both stereo analog and optical digital audio inputs and outputs are available. The audio from the HDMI input signal can be extracted (de-embedded) and output on both digital as well as stereo analog signal. The audio embedded into the HDMI output is selectable from one of three sources: HDMI input, analog L/R input, or digital optical input.

The SC-HD-2B can output a wide range of resolutions regardless of the input timing and resolution. The output resolution can automatically match the native resolution of the display connected to its output (based on the EDID setting of the display), or it can be specified by the user.
The SC-HD-2B features an OSD menu for configuration, picture setup, system information and other advanced options. The compact and sturdy enclosure features integrated mounting brackets.

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