Join host Corey Moss as he welcomes his guests (in order):

(First part – guest from Madrid, Spain)

Julio Obelleiro – Co-Founder and CEO at Wildbytes

(Second part – guests from the U.S.)

Jeff Day – CEO, North of 10 Advisors

David Anderson – President and CEO at Mimo Monitors

Patrice Speed – Executive Creative Director at Britelite Immersive

Here it is, in a tweet:

Part 1 is with Julio Obelleiro, talking with Corey about himself, Wildbytes, and what he will be presenting at TIDE. Julio talks about creating experiences through innovation, experiential design, working with brands and agencies and more. He also talks about teaching which has been a part of his career, and what taking on the challenge means to him. At TIDE he’ll talk about thought and concept behind creating experiences, and connecting with the audience. Julio also talks about how he was invited to be at TIDE (his first year), as well as how his discussion could be of influence to integrators and consultants who may be attending the Conference (also talking about augmented technology experiences).

In part 2, Jeff (North of 10 Advisors), David (Mimo Monitors) and Patrice (Britelite Immersive) join Corey to talk about themselves, their companies, and discussions as well as panel presentations they will be participating in at TIDE.

A little more in-depth discussion here, especially with Jeff on the podcast who is the day’s moderator, or as referred to here “Master of Ceremonies.” Jeff paints the TIDE picture on the podcast so listeners will get an excellent overview of what TIDE is about. He also talks about some of the speakers of the day, and Corey introduces discussion on one of the speakers well-known in the AV industry as well.

Jeff begins discussion on creating experiences as this relates to the Conference, then Patrice talks about her career beginnings in advertising – what was available then in terms of experiential design, and what is currently available in terms of a career field. David talks about how creative and technology have to tie together to develop the experience.

Conversation then turns to Jeff as the ‘Master of Ceremonies,’ listen in for discussion of a special poll. Jeff focuses discussion on the day from start to finish, and his role – prepping Conference attendees here. He talks about more of the speakers of the day, again important to know about some of those who will be speaking.

Patrice talks about her discussion at TIDE on a panel “The Power of Interactivity” (which Jeff is moderating), she’ll be on the panel talking about a bar and augmented reality experience that was created at the World Cup last year. Jeff adds to this discussion. Patrice also talks about what she hopes to be the takeaway from her discussion for the attendees at the Conference. She also talks here about the user experience and story telling, also detailing Britelite Immersive in this discussion. Jeff follows up on this discussion too, detailing how people will listen to the speakers at TIDE and be more informed before attending InfoComm on June 12th, and creating more meaningful experiences.

David talks about being the manufacturer, along with the experience – on the panel discussion “Emergent Tech the Science and Creativity of Surface Haptics” (moderated by Margot Douaihy), he’ll be joined by Ed Colgate, Co-Founder and CEO at Tanvas, Inc. (Mimo Monitors will be bringing surface haptics technology with Mimo displays to InfoComm, in partnership with Tanvas) and others. David talks about the technology discussion at TIDE, where they will also have Mimo displays with surface haptics technology as people there will get to experience it.

Jeff closes discussion on the podcast, encouraging any who have not yet registered for the Conference to do so — find out all about the TIDE Conference on June 11th in Orlando, co-located with InfoComm 2019 (and register as well) here.

Sit back, plug in, and get set for a terrific conversation with four of the TIDE Conference speakers as we live…

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