Join host Maura Quinn as she welcomes her guest:

Kelly Perkins – Education Foundation Program Director at NSCA

Kelly talks with Maura about:

  • How her career in the AV industry began, to where it is now
  • Her “mid-life” career separation point, and rejoining the industry
  • NSCA Ignite – the initiative, and how to get young people to join the industry
  • Joining the NSCA Education Foundation Board (with Mike Shinn)
  • Website, internship and mentorship materials, brochures and more resources
  • Internship programs
  • Online interactive classes
  • Internship grant
  • A perspective on “setting fertile ground” for the AV industry to bring young people into the industry
  • Engaging with schools and young people through Ignite – and a need for more to get involved and help
  • The “Why I love AV” video

Note: The 14th annual Drunk Unkles concert charity fundraiser benefits the NSCA Education Foundation save the date June 12th, 9 PM at BB Kings in Orlando.