By Corey Moss

Yes, it is the AV life. It’s what I (and many of us in the industry) live, and the name of the podcast show I created in late 2016, at the same time that I started Convergent AV (Media).

Now going into its 135th episode (an intercontinental one next week), the show has been an endeavor that can’t easily be described – from love to hard work, with even a little bit of emotion. I’ve had great people all along the way do this show with me, I call us ‘The Crew” – in fact that term was coined all the way back with my first podcast in 2014 (that was put together with others in the industry).

Below are Crew members Kym Frank (top row), who I also call my partner in crime, and Tim Van Woeart (in the library) – Kym started in late 2018 with The AV Life Episode 112: Play the Game – A Discussion of Video Gaming and Esports, an episode she actually hosted, and Tim’s start was in The AV Life Episode 117: A New Year – Perspective, Prediction and Intervention (along with other Crew member Maura Quinn – not pictured here as she didn’t appear in this episode).

Episode 134: Winging It – Generations, Podcasting, Industry and Shameless Plugs

Episode 134, as in the previous few episodes, highlighted some of the young people in the industry as our guests – something that’s a focal point in AV as we try to attract more of them to join the industry. The screenshot above was taken before recording – screenshots are used for Twitter, posting on the podcast page (as we do nowadays), and more. Kym says smile to everyone before she takes it (Maura will also at times, and is normally responsible for creating the Twitter hashtags for the show) – someone made a joke here at the same time, and you’ll see mine, along with Renee Benson’s reactions (one guest hadn’t arrived yet).

The show, while we were recording was going well, the young people who were our guests giving great commentary to what they have accomplished in and outside of the AV industry. In fact, one is just entering the industry, graduating from California Baptist University (where Joe is Director of Multimedia Services), and joining a well-known commercial integrator. One of our other guests currently works for Joe, the other works for another well-known commercial integrator and received an important industry award.

I’m usually in concentration mode as I produce in-podcast (recording on Zoom), while I’m hosting, with the ability to scan Group Chat here and there and catch something pertinent to further conversations, or even something funny that’s said on the show (I refer to it as a mostly tech and humor podcast). If one of the other Crew members is hosting, I have to be in full chat communication with them while the conversations are going on in the podcast – giving points and more, which can actually go both ways between us. On this Episode 134, it was with Tim as he was hosting it along with me. Other chats go on with all in the show – everybody (that all can see) and private one-on-ones – and some of the stuff in there can get pretty hilarious at times (which goes all the way back to the podcast early days).

Yes, this does become an audio podcast, however while recording, Zoom backgrounds are going up the whole time behind Joe and Tim (which we’ll talk about and verbally illustrate during the show). They shift from one to another throughout the show – Tim at one point putting up the Rutgers University campus shuttle bus with that conversation going on (representing where he works), with many more – and Joe going from Cal Baptist logo, to his Higher Ed AV show logo (shameless plug time…), to a “Wing It Wednesday” hot wings ad:

It provides an entertainment, as well as at times a talking-point factor during the show. Doing a video show? It’s still a consideration in the works.

Then there are Kym moments with backgrounds, and she likes to flip upside down at times:

However, in Episode 134, here were the magic background moments of the show for me personally – the surprise memory lane trip, with many thanks to Joe:

The first podcast in 2014 “cAValry Rides”

The current “The AV Life”

I have long wanted to write ‘The cAValry story’ – detailing much of what led to it’s creation, how the co-host Crew was put together, and even some of the near-indescribable episodes (let’s just say “over the top” was hardly a descriptor). There are those out there that know of the show, those episodes, and some of the stories – others can stop me at InfoComm and ask, I’ll be happy to share (some of) those details.

As for The AV Life, what can I say – myself and The Crew record it every week, and live it every day. Kym lives the OOH life (while living the AV one too), her main industry, as she is the President of Geopath.

The current Crew are myself, Kym Frank, Tim Van Woeart, Maura Quinn, Spence Graham, Carrie Garcia, Renee Benson, Jen Gertz – and maybe another to come. The reason for having so many is that not all (or even most) can make it for each show, so there should be enough to co-host an episode – and there’s even the opportunity to recruit more co-hosts if needed. My joke is – the best show is always one where the Crew outnumber the guests.

Then you might just say how can a show have that many people at one time? It’s actually how it all started – the first ever podcast with six people, and it went from there.

My Crew record is 8 (from a podcast show created in 2015 ‘AV Power Up’), my total in-show participation record is 20 people (The AV Life Episode 100) – both always ready to be broken. I produce in-podcast with all of this going on, no matter how many Crew and guests each time. And I do always admit to having a co-host addiction… ready for the intervention (coming soon).

We all have certain trips down memory lane – with the fact that I love to podcast, this was a very special one for me.

Note: Credits to Mark Coxon, co-creator and host of the cAValry Rides podcast, and Katye McGregor Bennett, who helped define The AV Life in 2016.

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