Join the Crew host Corey Moss, Maura Quinn and Michelle Loret as they welcome their guests:

Joe Way – Director of Multimedia Services at California Baptist University

Kaleo Lee – Sales Manager – Southwest at BrightSign

Carrie Leigh Garcia – Sales Executive at DC Group

Upper: Corey, Maura, Kaleo – Lower: Joe, Michelle, Carrie

Never before has a The AV Life show begun with guest introductions, shout outs and banter about Bundt cake. If you’re a cake fan, you’ll like what you hear – especially from Michelle, Carrie and Kaleo.

The topics for this episode:

For the love of an industry: Talk about why you love the AV industry 

NSCA Ignite’s Send us a selfie video about why you’re hooked on AV gives you the chance to tell young people why the AV industry is so great. On this show, the Crew and guests will talk about why they love the industry.

A multigenerational view for the positive 

We’re bringing back this question from last week with new generational perspectives.

The value of trade show swag

Here all talk about swag, and just what exhibitors could hand out to win over attendees. Some have favorite swag items, and we may just be putting together a Swag Council (hint: spinners and popsockets appear to be pretty popular).

Then, as always, it’s time for…

Stress at work, we all have it. So instead of going off on co-workers or your computer, you can hit, swear at and stick pins in a black sofa pillow robot that shakes instead.


Engadget: These ‘cathartic’ stress robots can take a beating

The debate begins in The Firing Range with even teams (hurrah), and ends in a win with a future warning, and a sea of emotion.

Then again, if you feel like this guy – you’d better get yourself a cathartic stress robot.

Sit back, plug in, eat cake and don’t stress out while we live…

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