Join the Crew host Corey Moss, Spence Graham and Renee Benson as they welcome their guests:

Michelle Loret – Senior Account Executive at Utelogy Corporation

Gabe Moronta – Technical AV Product Manager at Zoom Video Communications

Brandon Breznick – Assistant Communications Manager at Premier Mounts

Upper: Spence, Corey, Gabe – Lower: Renee, Brandon, Michelle

Kym, Tim and Maura are missing and Renee steps up to replace them on this one. The show begins with a “shameless” plug (as the last few episodes have), this time Brandon gets to give one about Premier’s The Peak video series.

The topics:

A look at a growing industry: AV, digital signage and adjacent technologies (i.e. AI, VR and more)

All discuss this, pointing to adjacent technologies to go along with data and privacy as well.

A multigenerational view for the positive 

Numerous generations represented on the podcast – Spence brings perspective as the Chairman of the Digital Signage Federation, talking about those who have been longtime respected leaders in the digital signage industry. Brandon, who joined Premier out of college two years ago, talks about his experience along with attracting young people to the AV industry. Renee also talks about a current NSCA project looking to bring young people to the industry.

An onramp look toward InfoComm

It’s May, time to start talking about InfoComm 2019.

Then, as always…

Futurism: Oxford Academic: Invisible Aliens are Breeding with Humans

An Oxford professor claims that invisible aliens are interbreeding with humans to create a hybrid species capable of surviving future climate conditions on Earth. Yet he has no evidence to back this theory, nor does he have anyone on the podcast willing to buy his book.

Yes, this has Kym written all over it.

This time all revert to The Firing Range opinion format, and for good reason (like Kym, Maura and Tim are missing). One person on the show claims to have it all figured out.

So a whole lot of claims, yet still no “evidence.”

Sit back, plug in and get with the generational industry program as we live…

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