Make sure you listen to Episode 130 (Pt 1): The Creative, The Smart, and the Mic Drop!

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Join the Crew host Maura QuinnCorey MossTim Van Woeart and Jen Gertz as they welcome their guests (again):

Cory Schaffer – Director, Strategic Industry Relations at QSC

Danielle Karr – Architect and Designer Program Manager at Control4

Michelle Loret – Senior Account Executive at Utelogy

Erick Parra – Client Relationship Manager at TierPM

And now, it’s time for…

Pig brains – a systematic study for the betterment of humanity leading to potential ethics argument? Or do we just eat less bacon and close this one?


National Geographic: Pig brains partially revived hours after death—what it means for people

Teams are chosen (back to the original format!) and the two sides debate this topic of life, animals and ethics. It gets really good as both teams put forth convincing arguments – then at the end one of the team leaders throws in a “card,” thus ending the debate. Who was it? Who gave up?

And who shows off the pipes in this part of episode 130? Listen in!

Sit back, plug in, fire away too and join us as we live…

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