Starin, specializing in the market development of digital communication solutions, is pleased to announce the addition of two key personnel enhancing their overall ability to provide even more AV solutions, Christopher Neto, CTS, and Doug Dillman, CTS-D, CTS-I.

Chris Neto has joined the Starin team as the Market Development Manager overseeing the Engagement and Experience programs offered by Starin. Neto will be expanding Starin’s overall social engagement and experience programs for their brands bringing his expertise to new initiatives.
Neto has over 20 years of experience in the Pro AV industry. Since 2011, Neto is noted for his social media presence elevating the profile of the industry and achieving global recognition for his efforts. His unique combination of technical expertise and marketing activity have included creating the Sunday morning industry chat forum #AVintheAM, which brings millions of impressions and hot topics of discussion to the table each Sunday morning. He has also provided on-site AVMag awards commentary, co-hosted AV Smackdown on YouTube and has been a guest moderator and panelist at many industry events.

“Starin is excited to continue building on our platform of social and experience initiatives, Chris’s expertise will only enhance and enable our efforts to move forward faster with both talent and innovation,” explained Starin’s Executive Vice-President of Strategy and Execution, Bobby Swartz.

Starin is also pleased to name Doug Dillman, CTS-D, CTS-I, as the new Technical Experience Project Manager. Doug comes to Starin with over 30 years of Pro AV experience including 12 years as an AV Consultant. He will be growing our Technical Experience team with his design and consulting expertise. “Doug brings a unique set of experience to our team which will enable us to provide more design assistance and oversight to key partners and projects, as an expanded service offering,” explained Bill Mullin, President, Starin.

About Starin

Founded in 1988, Starin has grown from a small Midwest-based organization to full North American coverage. Jim Starin, the founder, built the business by empowering the team, from management to all associates, through principle-centered responsibility. The company is now owned by its employees, creating a culture of accountability and engagement. Fundamentally, a Business Development firm, Starin performs Market
Development, Channel Management, and Demand Generation functions for the associated brands. This is accomplished most effectively via a high degree of Brand Synergy. Starin also works with a focus on Opportunity and Profit Center development for its Resellers, Integrators and other outlets for professional and commercial audio/video. Starin maintains 100,000+ square feet of warehousing to accommodate available inventory and quick delivery of solution-based products.