By Corey Moss

This past week, numerous stories were told at the Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas – at every booth, conversations took place as executives, along with marketing and sales people gave their best pitches to end users. In fact, it was reported that this DSE was the most well attended of all by end users.

This statement, however, one that I happen to fully agree with, was made by a Samsung executive prior to the show.

“In the past, digital signage in various industry verticals was often more focused on futurism and the ‘wow factor’ rather than fully developed deployment strategies,” said Mark Quiroz, Vice President for the Digital Signage Product Group. “That’s no longer the case.
Businesses are using professional displays with very specific objectives in mind — placing screens strategically and using a wide range of tools to maximize relevance and transform experiences.” 

I say right on target.

This to me appeared to be much less of a Samsung technology product and solutions plug, and more of a comment about the state of “technology mystification” – especially concerning that so-called ‘wow factor’ which so many like to sell with. One centric point made here that I actually targeted in discussion with numerous companies at DSE was about selling with the ‘wow factor’ rather than fully developed deployment strategies, and that without knowing about this statement made by Mark Quiroz prior to the show. I for one have long tried to debunk the ‘wow factor’ as a selling point, and futurism is excellent add-on commentary to this point being made as well.

I will admit to being on a mission at the Digital Signage Expo, beyond products, solutions, feature sets, etc. during booth visits. I’ll be writing on this separately.

For now, I wanted to point this out and give credit to Mark Quiroz for providing this on target statement.

To find out more about what Samsung showcased at DSE 2019, see here (this includes Mark Quiroz’ statement).

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