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With an introduction by host Maura Quinn.

Join the Crew host Maura Quinn, Corey Moss, Tim Van Woeart and Jennifer Gertz as they welcome their guests:

Alex Crabb – Senior Vice President at Caster Communications

Michelle Loret – Senior Account Executive at Utelogy

Danielle Karr – Architect and Designer Program Manager at Control4

Renee Benson – Account Manager – Vertical Sales – Education – NEC Display Solutions of America

Laura Shubel – PR Account Executive at Caster Communications

Top: Michelle, Corey, Danielle, Jennifer – Middle: Maura, Laura, Renee, Alex – Bottom: Tim (and his Zoom library)

Corey begins the show by talking with Maura about an interview he did with her on the ‘AV People Talk’ podcast for International Women’s Day, and after the discussion he turns the host seat over to her for the first half of the show as she talks with the guests, as well as Jennifer about women in AV, tech and business. You’ll hear conversation about negotiating, role playing, professional development, mentoring and more. There’s also discussion of the TierPM partnership with Women in AV, and their combined career initiative.

After this discussion, Corey talks with the guests about how they got into the industry, along with their career up to now. And then someone drops mention of AV as a Service…

Finally the guests give advice, including in terms of their own roles, about getting into as well as succeeding in the industry.

Maura then gives her closing thoughts for the show.

Sit back, plug in and listen to these incredible women in the AV and tech industry as we live…

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(The AV People Talk interview with Maura Quinn).