City Recital Hall produces, presents and hosts a rich and diverse program of concerts and events. They embrace all genres and art forms from chamber orchestras to opera, contemporary ensembles to bands, talks and debates, to festival events.

City Recital Hall was officially opened on 30 October 1999. It was the first purpose-built music venue to be established in Sydney since the Sydney Opera House in 1973 with a 1238 seat auditorium.

City Recital Hall Limited was established as a not-for-profit company in 2015 to produce, promote, present and facilitate a vibrant, enterprising, diverse and inclusive program of concerts and events each year.

Opportunity for Digital Signage

City Recital Hall had an existing deployment of screens within their Foyers which were primarily used to show a live feed of the stage (9 screens in total).

They now utilize the same screens with a Media Player, to display a variety of content such as Show Details, Advertisements, Venue Information, Sponsored events, while still maintaining the option to display the Live Stage Feed.

City Recital Hall has added an additional 5 Screens to their Box Office and Entry Foyer, dedicated to Marketing upcoming events.

City Recital Hall is also looking to expand even further in the near future.

Key project requirements and challenges

The reasons for implementing a digital signage network for City Recital Hall was the ability to utilise their existing screens for an added customer experience for their patrons, as well as sponsors to advertise future events. Also to be able to schedule different content across different screens throughout the venue.

Previously if City Recital Hall had hirers wishing to promote sponsor or marketing content, they had to hire a casual tech to come in with a ladder and insert a USB to each screen they wished to use. Also when they had printed poster boxes they spent a lot of time rotating posters around.

A business case was built on:

  • The Return on Investment vs how City Recital Hall were doing things previously.
  • Saving time via the CMS features, as well as the ability to show more meaningful and attractive content, rather than a static poster.

No major hurdles or challenges happened during the project implementation. The  System Integrator (Universal Tech Solutions), along with Signagelive Support, were always on hand to assist the client with any queries. Learning the best process internally for scheduling and creating playlists took a bit of time to get right, but that was more learning the best way to use the Signagelive platform to City Recital Hall’s benefit.

The Solution

Why did City Recital Hall choose Signagelive:

  • Platform Features
    • Hardware Options (flexibility of choice)
    • Scalability
    • Cost

What are Signagelive’s best features:

  • Scheduling features
    • Adobe Creative Cloud Integration
    • Scalability
    • Also the ability to segment the published content on a granular level, without the need to create, or maintain, multiple playlists

City Recital Hall favorite feature:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud. Exporting directly from Adobe into the Signagelive Asset Library.
  • Clicking one button to change from marketing content to stage feed and back rather than needing to schedule four changes for each performance.
  • Editing an existing playlist rather than re-creating a new one every time.

Key Benefits

City Recital Hall can send different content to different screens across the venue at different times and allows for greater use from hirers.

They can schedule custom playlists at one time for a range of future events.

Also being able to have one set playlist that can be added to and edited before scheduling rather than needing to build a new playlist each time.

Having a Signagelive Business Manager on hand to sort out issues (even on evenings and weekends) was a huge asset.

Evidence of success

  • Better customer experience for hirers at City Recital Hall – who now see the venue as moving into the future
  • Audiences are newly engaged with the content shown on City Recital Hall posters and screens and are more likely to stop and look

“Signagelive has taken our venue marketing to the next level. We can now present content that matches the expectations of our hirers and gives our audiences something far more interesting to experience during their time at our venue.” 

Cynthia Crespo, Marketing Manager, City Recital Hall

“We are really pleased to have City Recital Hall, a premium performing arts venue in Sydney,  using Signagelive to deliver content to their digital screens. To be a successful venue, it is important to engage the audiences during events and concerts. This is a good example of how our platform can be used to control the displays to show a variety of different event information on different screens. Moving forward, we hope to continually work with City Recital Hall’s marketing team to explore how some of our advanced features can be applied to further improve audiences’ experiences – cementing City Recital Hall as a premium performing arts venue in Australia.”

Andrew Lee, Director of Sales, Signagelive APAC

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