By Corey Moss

It began last year with a podcast called AV Road House, and for those who know it, this one matched the style of my first industry podcast cAValry Rides*. I talk about that first show with many people who either remember it from back in late 2014/early 2015, or I just bring it up in conversation when reminiscing about the good old podcasting days. It was a no-holds barred tech+ format, much like AV Road House**.

For numerous reasons, both podcasts ended and were replaced – AV Power Up replaced cAValry Rides, and The Road to AVtopia replaced AV Road House. Kym Frank, who joined us as a host after being a guest on AV Road House, stayed on board to co-create The Road to AVtopia with me, and we brought on Spence Graham and Maura Quinn to round out the host team.

Our Episode 1 was quite meaningful as I had been following and interacting with Legion M on Facebook, and after reaching out to the company’s PR as suggested in a Facebook chat with them, I was able to get Cofounder and President Jeff Annison to join us us for what turned out to be an outstanding conversation about the company that’s giving fans a first-of-its kind opportunity to invest in Hollywood. If you’ve been hearing about a reboot of Jay and Silent Bob – this is the company responsible for it.

AVtopia, a continued future look at what we’re about. The Road represents an endless opportunity to explore, even beyond the technology and guests involved in tech fields. This first episode was representative of this, as we talked movies and investing.

On AV Road House we created a debate style segment ‘The Firing Range,’ which eventually moved over to The AV Life. For this show Kym and I created The Great AVtopia Debate where sides are chosen during the podcast, for and against, to discuss an article topic (normally chosen by Kym). It gets serious, and humorous – matching the general format of the show itself. On Episode 1A, we debated ‘Scientists Have Grown Primate Brains-in-a-Dish on an Unprecedented Scale’ (Science alert).  Kym went on a rant to win it in the end – it was podcast gold.

We did a second episode discussing a few topics known well in AV – the SPoAV (and some of those who are a part of it including one of the guests), trade shows and buzz. And boy how this industry generates buzz.

Last week, I got to thinking about the show and the title, along with how we want to explore all facets of technology along with other markets and realms (like movies in Episode 1). I talked with a few people, including of course Kym, and decided on a name change. Subtle, but she and I felt it necessary.

Taking a look at the website, you’ll now see The Road to Techtopia, known as a tech+ and humor show. The tech gives it a broader scope, and the + is evident in terms of further topics to be explored.

The show name may have changed, but the road signs are still the same.

The Road is inevitable, and so is change…

Catch episode 3 this week of The Road to Techtopia.

*Created in partnership with Mark Coxon.

** Created in partnership with Joe Whitaker.