Presentation titled “Immersive Environments: When Digital Experiences Become Physical Spaces” will take place Wednesday, February 6, 2019 at 4:00PM CET.

Next week, Float4 Principal and Creative Director Alexandre Simionescu takes to the Main Stage at ISE 2019 to make a 30-minute presentation titled “Immersive Environments: When Digital Experiences Become Physical Spaces.” The presentation will take place Wednesday, February 6, 2019 at 4:00PM at the Main Stage located in the center of Hall 8 in the RAI Centre.

“Physical spaces have long been considered the extreme opposite of digital experiences. As technology has evolved over the past decade, we’ve witnessed a steady increase of digital experiences in physical spaces across a multitude of sectors; some of which I will be exploring in my ISE 2019 presentation,” Simionescu said today

Simionescu will examine the convergence of technology, and how they transform established notions of interactivity. The presentation will also explore how physical spaces are becoming more responsive through the integration of these new technologies

Float4 is a multidisciplinary studio that designs, produces and develops digital experiences in a myriad of spaces, aiming to amplify their identities and promote connectivity between audience and environment. Simionescu is excited to be at ISE 2019, and honored to be one of the Main Stage presenters at the world’s largest exhibition for AV and system integration professionals.

About Float4

Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Montreal QC, Canada, Float4 ( is an award-winning studio of creative who are passionate about weaving compelling digital experiences into physical spaces to amplify their identity. Collaborating as a team of versatile, like-minded individuals, Float4 strives to redefine conventions by designing and producing innovative and compelling site-specific interactive multimedia installations that attract and engage with targeted audiences around the world. 

The studio also developed the RealMotion™ ( content creation and editing platform that today serves as the engine powering many of Float4’s projects.