Join the Crew host Brittney Lanni, Rachel Schwerin, Corey Moss and Kasie Grant as they welcome their guests:

Jon 9 – CEO at Holonyne and Techno-Shaman at VIRTULARIUM

Emory Craig – Cofounder, Digital Bodies (Speaker/Futurist/VR, AR, XR)

(Note: this episode was recorded on 12/3).

On this special edition of The AV Life, the Crew and their guests – creative technologist Jon 9, and speaker/futurist Emory Craig – dive into applications and implications of immersive technologies and experiential media. 

The show kicks-off by attempting to define reality and better understand how adding a digital layer onto the world around us could take the human experience to the next level. 

All then look at applications of wearables vs. handhelds, and unpack what it means to develop relevant experiential media in education, retail, and corporate arenas. 

In addition to this, all discuss the importance of leveraging multidisciplinary partnerships to develop impactful content, as well as ways to incorporate AI into AR/VR-based training. 

Finally, Jon 9 and Emory talk about what they would consider to be an ultimate dream VR experience, and the ultimate nightmare.

Sit back, plug in, and we thank all of our incredible listeners for an amazing 2018 – we look forward to an even bigger 2019 as we live…

The AV Life.

(Brittney and Rachel are the host and co-host of The AV Life live events shows – they’ll be back with more in 2019!).

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