By Corey Moss

As I look out at another year in AV, all of those that have become friends, supporters, and Convergent AV viewers and listeners – I feel a great sense of accomplishment. In its second year now, the publication has reached heights I truly couldn’t have predicted. I say that Convergent AV is me, and it is – I was once told I needed to be the brand, I didn’t understand the statement that much then, however I do now. My podcast teams for the shows The AV Life and AV Road House have brought an immeasurable impact, one I can hardly put words to.

I saw this tweet this morning from good friend Gabe Moronta at Zoom Video Communications (that was sent to Renee Benson at NEC Display Solutions, I was tagged):

I laughed a bit, the fact that I’m being counted on in that way. It’s been something that’s been second nature for me, over four years running now.

I have been podcasting for those four years, I have created my share of shows that are one-on-one, along with those that are multi co-host, multi-guest variety. Gabe does happen to be talking about two podcast show formats on Convergent AV in particular – The AV Life, and AV Road House.

The AV Life was created in 2016 with Katye McGregor Bennett as a come on as a guest and relax after a busy day, have the drink of your choice as well. We’ll talk about certain topics or themes, I push the button and we go from there with the flow, with me producing in-show (although there have been straight on co-designed episodes, such as episode 109 with SuperLumin (a Stratacache company) – co-hosted by my Crew member Kasie Grant). My co-host Crew can be in number anywhere from one to six on a show, number of guests – unlimited.

The 100th episode of The AV Life – there were 20 participants in all at one point (notice a dog too)

AV Road House became an (almost) anything goes type of show, like let us really know how you feel after a busy day. And there are props (as in this post-Thanksgiving episode).

AV Road House episode 9 – Gabe is upper left, Renee is lower left. We’re also joined by Michelle Loret (middle left) and Kelly Perkins (middle center). The hosts are myself, Joe Whitaker, Kym Frank and Kaleo Lee.

Those “crazy conversations” are sometimes what I seek, and I tell a story about meeting up with Renee at InfoComm, how she told me that one of The AV Life episodes was so funny she couldn’t stop laughing toward the end (it was one that Rich Ventura and Brian McClimans appeared on together – in the same place – knowing them you can almost imagine). I told her that’s great – and exactly what I wanted to hear as this particular show had that certain touch of humor.

Now, not all shows are designed this way, in fact some hit on important topics of discussion and do have a somewhat serious nature to them, to go along with some fun interplay which I always try to inject. The “Welcome to the Mind Shift” series on The AV Life proved to be the most popular of 2018, and I already plan on doing more of them in 2019. In fact, The AV Life will be taking on more trending technology topics, as we will bring more in terms of AR, VR and mixed reality (my live events host Brittney Lanni and co-host Rachel Schwerin have really been focused on them), AI, smart home, cybersecurity and blockchain. The focus on digital signage will expand as well.

AV Road House has been an experience that isn’t exactly foreign to me as I was the co-creator of a show back in 2014, one which launched into the industry in a whole different way. The way I always explained it was be careful when you invite the band that did your theme song on the show – especially if they’re a heavy metal band. You likely know what I’m talking about – and let’s just say that first episode was raw, and “new.” The guests on that show always knew what they could potentially be getting, and they did come on – some very important names at that.

Joe Whitaker and I, after he came on as a guest of The AV Life in September, talked about creating something different – and thinking of this show from 2014, I figured it could work again. We deemed it no-holds barred AV Radio (and it’s “lightly censored”), and so it went from the first episode, which was sponsored by good friend Toni Sabatino/Toni Sabatino Style who also appeared on the show, to more that were sponsored by Sonos, SurgeX – some heavy hitters indeed – along with some smaller companies as well. We found success in a new format, and we brought on commercial AV integrator Kaleo Lee as another host. Kym Frank, an OOH and data expert (who joined us as a host in episode 2), brought even more technical visibility, variation, and quality to the show – a woman in tech the AV industry has gotten to know more about since joining us.

I honestly have had a great time with this show, along with working with Joe and Kym – two people I had never had the pleasure of working with before, who have both become very good friends and co-collaborators.
They both will be Crew members on The AV Life in 2019.

It’s a signature of sorts for the podcasts, as those who are co-hosts or guests become friends (as with Gabe and Renee), and sometimes business between guests or co-hosts becomes a possibility as well. We talk about experiences – I look to achieve nothing less on the podcasts, including the one-on-one’s that I do (Convergent Tech Talk, The AV Tech Trade and Convergent Week), where I want the guest to come away with something that had a certain impact for them.

My great thanks to my podcast teams, the sponsors, the guests and the listeners – and we’ll see everyone on The AV Life in 2019 (along with Joe, Kym and I on our own podcast as well).

Happy Holidays!

Note: You can listen to the “Welcome to the Mind Shift” series of podcasts – episode 93, episode 99 (two parts), and episode 111 (where we focused on AVoIP and HDBaseT with experts in the industry).

The most downloaded episode of the year was The AV Life episode 105: NYDSW, Coffee and Controversy, the DSF and more – Good Times with Brian McClimans, Rich Ventura and Frank Pisano. Give that a listen too.

With over 20 years in audio visual integration and IT/computer sales and consulting, Corey Moss is the owner of Convergent AV. Corey writes for the publication and hosts/produces podcasts – The AV Life, Convergent Tech Talk, AV Talk+ and Convergent Week. He has written for numerous industry publications about AV, IT, unified communications and collaboration (UCC), cloud and software, IoT, cybersecurity and more. He has also conducted interviews with AV and IT executives and global influencers. Find him talking about a whole lot of things, tech and otherwise. On LinkedIn