Join the Crew host Corey Moss, and guest Crew member Linda Moss as they welcome their guests:

Veronica Esbona – President at InGear

Chuck Frame – Vice President Global Sales at Mimo Monitors

Bill Cherne – Director of Field Engineering at Sonic Foundry Inc.

Penny Sitler – Marketing Manager at Draper, Inc.

Jimmy Vaughan – UC Technical Product Manager at Crestron

Maura Quinn – Communications Specialist|IT Business Analyst at TierPM

Top: Veronica, Corey, Chuck – Lower: Maura, Bill, Linda (Penny joined part 1 on phone, Jimmy joined part 2 on phone)

Part 1: All guests begin with introductions, talk about what they do, as well as their their companies – Maura talks about being newer to the industry and Linda talks about what she does which is not quite AV (but we do give her an industry role of sorts). There is also discussion of the user experience, and 2018 innovation and trends.

Did Veronica challenge Frank Pisano, who was on episode 114, for best (or otherwise) holiday headwear? Or could they both win?

Did Maura get a Santa Yoga Namasleigh sweater win?

Could Bill possibly win for best holiday scene (looks like an 1/8th of a chance)?

Is Linda now an honorary member of the AV industry?

Part 2: All begin talking about “festive” holiday wear, Linda helps judge finalists on this episode (as George Fournier did on episode 114), and they talk bourbon and more as well. After this, all discuss women in the industry – Veronica is a part of Women in Consumer Technology (CT). Maura is involved in Women of AVIXA and Penny as many know has a major role in Women of AVIXA. Chuck and Bill talk about women in the industry, support, mentoring and more. Jimmy joins and Corey asks him to tell a WWE story (Jimmy was a producer for the WWE before entering the tech space). Jimmy also talks about Crestron, as well as women in the industry (two in particular that have a major connection with Crestron).

Finally, as in episode 114, all provide inspirational messages for the new year – make sure you catch this. 

Join us for this show, a great conversation with great people in the AV industry (and Corey’s daughter) – sit back, plug in, listen to…

Part 1:

Part 2:

…and Live the AV Holiday Life.  

Prize winners to be announced during the week. 

Holiday show Episode 115 theme: Mr. & Mrs. Smith – “Xmas & Holly a Christmas Undone” via Free Music Archive, Christmas

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