Join hosts Joe Whitaker, Corey Moss and Kym Frank as they welcome their (final?) guests:

Spence Graham – Business Development Manager at Real Digital Media (and Vice Chairman of the Digital Signage Federation)

John Greene – Vice President of Sales and Marketing at New Era Technology (on the phone)

Renee Benson – Account Manager – Vertical Sales – Education – NEC Display Solutions of America, Inc.

Michelle Loret – Converged AV/IT Professional l AVoIP Enthusiast | AV Podcaster

Gabe Moronta – Technical AV Product Manager at Zoom Video Communications 

Marika Aquino – Managing Partner at TierPM

Maura Quinn – Communications Specialist | IT Business Analyst at TierPM

Tim Van Woeart – Senior Project Supervisor at Rutgers University

Welcome to the AV Road House, where Joe, Corey and Kym head over for a final round (or two) – and then surprise…

The guests, who somehow also knew it was the final trip to the Road House, join for a round and the usual banter. A future woman of AV is also introduced.

Then it’s about AV and tech 2018 – Joe talks about the last thing that “wowed” him, and then all talk about it, along with when it happened (if they could remember). Then there’s what happening on Michelle’s head, which could qualify.

Then all the guests talk about their favorite AV Road House episodes, segments, moments and more.

Joe said, well – you know what. And he really meant it. Then Michelle said, well – you know what. And she really meant it.

After that you’d probably be expecting articles, discussion, and the Firing Range? Maybe even some grievances?

You’d be wrong.

There was some protest.

Actually, AV Road House finally had it’s first commercial break – and then…

Note: Our censor decided to come back for a little while, and then quit again. A lawsuit is pending.

Second note: On this episode, what you can’t see you can’t blame us for. What you hear – well, actually you can always blame Joe. And Michelle. Don’t blame Kym (our lawyers said so). The producer has taken the 5th.

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 Sound effects – Zapsplat.