Paulson, Quigley, Kaplan and Rosenthal establish CE/IoT Partners, LLC to help clients develop, produce and successfully launch the next generation connected home solutions

Duane Paulson, Dan Quigley, David Kaplan, and Avi Rosenthal have launched CE/IoT Partners, LLC, a full-service consulting partnership. The industry veterans came together to launch the company as a go-to resource for manufacturers in the AV and security markets looking to venture into the connected home space but that do not know where to start.

The partners have decades of high-level experience in home security, home control, and audio/video across multiple disciplines – manufacturing, sales and marketing, channel development, software and hardware engineering, systems integration, wireless technology, standards development, strategy, and corporate finance and valuation.

Three other industry veterans – Helen Heneveld, Jim Black and Charles Durant, JD – join the firm as associates. They each bring key credentials to the group with particular expertise in strategic planning, training, regulatory compliance, intellectual property, mergers and acquisitions, and financial operations.

All members of CE/IoT Partners, LLC, have served on industry boards, received industry awards, served as presenters and panelists at major industry events, managed messaging to trade and general interest press, and established key relationships across all facets of the security and smart home industries – contract manufacturers, industrial designers, trade associations, standards bodies, platform providers, silicon fabricators, and a wide range of client types and sizes.

CE/IoT members have also held key roles at start-ups and multinationals including Amazon, ADT, Nortek, GE Security/Interlogix, AMD and Motorola.

CE/IoT Full-Service Offerings

Product Development – Product requirement specification, product development and ongoing product management, BOM development, industrial design services, value engineering, and manufacturing.

Business and Channel Development – Connecting with the industry, creating relationships, finding opportunities, closing deals, and training.

Marketing – Strategy, branding, messaging, digital, and social media. 

Market Research – Analysis of sales and trend data, justification of projects and products, validating proof of concepts, competitive analysis. 

Software & Cybersecurity – Cloud/Infrastructure development, cyber security audit and evaluation, software development, firmware development, documentation.

Regulatory and Certification Assistance – UL, ETL, FCC, CE, ZigBee, and Z-Wave.

Business Strategy – Business and contract rules, intellectual property rights, M&A strategy, pitch deck creation, due diligence, financial proformas, investor presentations, and legal framework of entities.

For CE/IoT Partners, LLC member bios and competencies, see here.

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About CE/IoT Partners

CE/IoT Partners, LLC is a security and IoT consulting firm comprised of marketers, engineers, product managers, business strategists and legal/financial advisors – all of whom have spent decades in the security alarm and smart home industries. With strong relationships across multiple channels and verticals, the partners provide services such as early-stage brainstorming, all the way up to complete product development and mergers & acquisitions.  With members in Virginia, Texas, Washington, Minnesota, Michigan and Florida, CE/IoT Partners was founded by industry veterans Duane Paulson, Dan Quigley, David Kaplan and Avi Rosenthal. Over the decades, they have held key positions with start-ups and multinationals alike, including ADT, Amazon, AMD, GE Security/Interlogix, Motorola, and Nortek/2GIG.