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Join hosts Joe WhitakerCorey Moss and Kym Frankas they welcome their guests:

Jayson Savage – Western Regional Technical Manager Premium and Custom Installation products at Sony Electronics

Chris Manouel – Designer and Founder at Thenos, Founder and President at Honest Install 

Mark Vogel – Vice President Business Development at Hauk Technologies 

Mike Shinn – Vice President, Operations at South Central AV

After introductions and discussion (especially ‘what’s IoT got to do with it’) with the guests, there’s really not much to say here but Joe talks – and everyone goes “huh?”

Hosts Kym, Corey and Joe are the top row. Chris, Jayson and Mark are the middle. Mike and Socko own the bottom row (then they duck out). 


Stories for Episode 10: 

The “Fake it and Make it” dept.

Data Breach Today – Face Off: Researchers Battle AI-Generated Deep Fake Videos

Is Your President really your President? And how would we really know the difference anyway?

The “Your App is Selling You Out” dept.

The New York Times – Your Apps Know Where You Were Last Night, and They’re Not Keeping It Secret

You use a smartphone and an app, your data may be sold to everyone from advertisers to hedge fund managers. Blame Steve Jobs. Bless Kym(Data). 

And Finally…

The “Our Lawers are on Standby” dept.  

Mashable – The man making stripper robots in a world increasingly dominated by sexbots (aka. This artist built a stripper robot 10 years ago. Now his creation’s gone beyond his control). 

Listen in, there are even for and against teams (art vs. not), read the show title, then read the title again. There’s talk about CES, cameras for heads, a pig baby, and Joe’s final commentary. 


One team still wins though…

Afterward, the show censor, editor and producer all got together to provide the final blow.

Don’t miss it.

Note: The Firing Range image was free. The cat is pretty darn famous. The train gif is pretty much self explanatory.  

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