Join hosts Joe WhitakerCorey MossKym Frank and Kaleo Lee as they welcome their guests:

Kelly Perkins – Education Foundation Program Director at NSCA

Renee Benson – Account Manager – Vertical Sales – Education – NEC Display Solutions of America, Inc.

Michelle Loret – Converged AV/IT Professional l AVoIP Enthusiast | AV Podcaster (and a host of The AV Life)

Gabe Moronta – Technical AV Product Manager at Zoom Video Communications 

Make sure you listen to Episode 9 Part 1 first (or this won’t make any sense).

More stories for Episode 9: 

The “Tutoring?” dept. 

Apple says it will tutor women in bid to diversify tech industry

Can tutoring really be the answer? Should it be a focus on STEM education? Do more educated and highly interested women need to be encouraged to join the tech industry? (Just thinking aloud here). 

And knowing that this is never enough…

In the Firing Range:

The “Will the Pests Inherit the Earth?” dept. 

Why Google is killing off Fresno’s mosquitoes

Playing god – it’s a thing you know. One person goes out of turn, one person sits on the fence, and the hot streak just may end here (plus it has nothing to do with mosquitoes). True suspense. 

Note: On this episode, our temporary censor still quit (though we really tried to talk her out of it), and the producer still almost quit (though he’s thisclose to leaving)

Enjoy the show!  

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