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Join hosts Joe WhitakerCorey MossKym Frank and Kaleo Lee as they welcome their guests:

Kelly Perkins – Education Foundation Program Director at NSCA

Renee Benson – Account Manager – Vertical Sales – Education – NEC Display Solutions of America, Inc.

Michelle Loret – Converged AV/IT Professional l AVoIP Enthusiast | AV Podcaster (and a host of The AV Life)

Gabe Moronta – Technical AV Product Manager at Zoom Video Communications 

Alternate title: Superstar Women of AV, and Gabe

Top: Gabe, Corey, Kym Middle: Michelle, Kelly, Joe (and the turkey) Lower: Renee, Kaleo’s headshot

Join Joe, Corey, Kym and Kaleo as they welcome some of those superstar women of the AV industry, and Gabe, who we found out comes with every Zoom videoconference (at no extra charge). 

All talk about getting into the AV industry, how it happened, and we also found out how Kym became a part of all of this – that it’s really all one person’s fault. Renee we believe texted him immediately during the show. 

Kelly talks about the NSCA, Ignite and raising AV industry awareness. Joe talks about how it’s possible – and how it’s all about the industry, and not just commercial or residential. A very good conversation, one that all in the industry should listen to, including what they can do to become a part of the efforts. Michelle mentions the NSCA and BLC, and a little branding confusion ensues. 

Next all talk about industry award nominations – yep, more confusion. 

You’ll hear about this too:

Then comes discussion of the holidays and Renee drops some big news! No, it has nothing to do with NEC. Gabe, who mostly sat and listened to the whole thing finally talks – and it rhymes with boom, room and zoom (wait, it is Zoom – or maybe even Zoom Rooms). 

Stories for Episode 9:

The “Nosy Neighbor Tech” dept. 

How Ring’s Neighbors app is making home security a social thing

More stories to come in Part 2! 

Note: On this episode, our temporary censor quit, and the producer almost quit. Enjoy the show! 

Make sure you listen to Part Deux too. 

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