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Join hosts Joe WhitakerCorey MossKym Frank and Kaleo Lee as they welcome their guests:

Marika Aquino – Managing Partner at TierPM

Maura Quinn – Communications Specialist | IT Business Analyst at TierPM

Alternate title: AV Recruiting, Social Media Doctor in the House and Gobble, Gobbling our way to Madness!

It’s two shows in one (that begins with an outtake…)

Join Joe, Corey, Kym, Kaleo and da bears who welcome two great people from top AV industry recruiting company TierPM as the week after Thanksgiving and Black Friday begins (and Cyber Monday doesn’t matter). Did everyone have a good Thanksgiving? Did they go shopping on Black Friday? And who was that person in the bear costume?

Marika and Maura (Mara, don’t call me Maura) talk about Tier PM and what they do – we learn that Marika and her partners started TierPM to bring direct AV industry awareness to recruiting in terms of the various jobs, classification and qualifications (she talks about her IT background as well), and how Maura is their social media person interacting with the AV masses on Twitter. 

Might we have finally found a recruiter for the residential market? Joe is certainly pushing for it with Marika. How about OOH? Kym actually needs to do some real work explaining to Marika what the heck OOH is. Then they talk about data lakes and dumps, and all really goes downhill from there. 

Stories for Episode 8:

The ‘Someone Decided to Start Black Friday Early and We’re Not Happy!’ dept.

Black Friday deals sold out at stores like Walmart and Target before Friday even began — and people are furious

The true psychology of Black Friday shopping, and the mime effect.  

Then it’s time for that segment all know, love and can’t turn themselves away from – The S**** That Joe Says! *

The ‘Gift that Keeps on Giving, and Taking’ dept.

Best Buy to Focus on Total Tech Support as ‘Giftable’ Holiday Item

Joe knows tech support – and why this could be considered important, or bull****. 

The ‘Are You Ready to be Judged?’ department

Beijing to Judge Every Resident Based on Behavior by End of 2020

A social credit system, blacklisting and internet slow down. This is scary. 

And, if this all wasn’t classic enough…

In the Firing Range:

The ‘Door to Door Driverless Vacation’ dept.  

Self-driving hotel suites could dramatically change the way we travel

Teams form (even teams finally as Joe’s turkey took a powder), one for, one against, and the winners pull a fast one – with a mime and a hashtag. 

We hope you enjoyed that Black Friday trample you were involved in, now get a job and take a non-driverless trip to the Road House with us! 

*Note: Our new AV Road House censor quit midway through the show. We have enlisted TierPM to find us a new one – this will take 3-5 months. Blame Joe (as usual). 

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Firing Range image – US National Archives

Sound effects – Zapsplat. Cooking sound effects provided by Kaleo Lee.