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Join hosts Joe WhitakerCorey Moss and Kym Frank as they welcome:

Tim Van Woeart – Senior Project Supervisor at Rutgers University

Brent (Bill Board) Baer (he was on the last show – and he stayed on for this one) 

Ah yes, the holidays. We begin with Halloween – and if you’re not already annoyed about having to trick or treat with the kids, make those homemade costumes (unless you want to spend $150 for a quality one), cringing when you begin hearing Christmas music playing in the malls (jeez give us a break) and are already being bugged to get a Christmas tree – well you just may be ready for this episode of AV Road House. 

So bring your turkey hat (or football cap) and get ready for a no-holds barred dysfunctional AV family episode!

All begin talking about dysfunctional family holiday memories, and exactly what makes them cringe-worthy (umm, maybe politics?). Joe does an impression – we believe he nailed it (his cold helped out).

Remember the days at the Thanksgiving family kids table? Everybody here does – find out who got to the adult’s table first (and may have regretted it), whose got there but the cousins are still there, and who waited forever to get there. 

Kym talks about about coconut custard pie wars, then another story about a thrown whipped cream can from Tim. Bill never actually left the adult table. You have to hear this. 

Joe finally takes a break – his turkey takes over and does the talking.

Stories for Episode 7:

The ‘AI Finally Comes to Thanksgiving’ department

New technology aims to stop ‘turkey theft’ this Thanksgiving by Staff

Artificial intelligence and turkey theft. Now we’ve heard everything. 

The ‘When the Data Drives You on Thanksgiving’ department

Google Maps data may help you avoid Thanksgiving crowds on the roads by Edward C. Baig/USA Today

You may want to make sure you hit the tree farm before the mall. Imagine that you need Google Maps to arrange this trip for you? 

Then it’s time for The **** That Joe Says. For the holidays, we all have to say just have a heart if you think you may have a tech emergency (you don’t). And have you ever heard of a turdinguen? You did now…

The ‘Hate/Hate Relationship with the Holidays’ department

10 Things I Hate About the Holidays by Jen Mann/People I Want to Punch in the Throat

Do you really love the holidays? You won’t now. And then there’s that Elf on the Shelf.

Joe showed everyone his elf on the shelf

Then it’s time to form uneven teams to enter…

The ‘Is it a Bird, Is it a Plane, is it an Interstellar Discharge?’ department

Why a new discovery in outer space means humans should keep an ‘open mind’ about extraterrestrial life by Laura Galligan/CNBC

Which team kept an open mind? Which team said bull? One team called themselves the winner, however you may actually be able to vote. Listen in to find out how. 

Corey makes his point (was it the right one?)

So go back to the present (no not presents) with us, don’t be a pumpkin everything hater, and have yourself a wonderful dysfunctional Thanksgiving!

Note: Joe’s back. That’s all you need to know. And hide the kids. 

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