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This is Data

Join hosts Corey MossKym Frank and guest host Kasie Grant as they welcome:

Dylan Mabin – Senior Vice President at Geopath

Ryan Kinskey – Co-Founder at Intermx

Andrea Messimer – Director of New Business Development and Marketing at Circle Graphics

Brent Bill Board Baer – Publisher at OOH Today

In-podcast on Zoom (hats required – for the most part…)

AV Road House Ep 6 prize

Top: Dylan, Kym and Kasie. Middle: Ryan, Corey and Brent. Lower: Andrea.

Then Dylan had a hat change.

Dylan hat change.png

There was secret word, and a prize – find out who guessed it. Then all of a sudden there were two winners. Listen in.

The podcast begins with introduction of the guests, OOH and WOOH. We kid you not.

Join the hosts and their guests on a ride into the future (in a rented Toyota Corolla) as they take a look at out-of-home, data, VR, autonomous cars and more – envisioning a new reality of OOH advertising. Is it real, is it possible, is it controversial?

Well, if nothing else it was funny.

AV Road House ep 6 2

It is the AV Road House remember…

Then there’s something about growing billboards out of the ground. Then Brent (aka. Bill Board) speaks, talks about a billboard-less world, and all chaos breaks out.

We actually recommended that Brent be removed from the industry, but he’d just get a job in kiosks.

Stories for Episode 6:

The ‘This Fumble is Sponsored By’ department:

The NFL wants to get rid of ‘billboard’ ads during games to appease modern TV audiences by Sean Keeley/Awful Announcing.

Is it time for the sponsored fumble, field goal and flag thrown for yet another junk roughing the passer call to end already?

The ‘Tech Buzz Word Bingo’ department: 

The Amazing Ways Toyota Is Using Artificial Intelligence, Big Data & Robots by Bernard Marr/Forbes.

An excellent conversation here, and if there aren’t enough technology buzz words thrown into the title, how many more did the participants throw in? And how many buzz words are there to replace “Bill Board” because there apparently aren’t any more billboards in this future according to him (where he now no longer exists).

Then, it’s time for teams to form and get ready for…


The ‘Can Anything and Everything Be Hacked?’ department: 

How medical devices like pacemakers and insulin pumps can be hacked – CBS News.

Can it be hacked? Can it be controlled? Did someone switch teams to help the other one win? Check this one out.

So exit the Toyota, enter the Road House, and experience a future that no one was planning!

Note: There are no “words” or double entendres, but there are dark political fantasies. Joe’s not here to blame. 

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