By Corey Moss

For those who may not yet be aware, we’re talking about Emily Linscott, known as #thereal99 on social media. This because she drives car #99 on the track – something she has been doing since she was 14.

She actually drove for the very first time at 13.

Emily 99.jpg

First, some backstory here. Emily had begun to follow, like and retweet posts on our podcast Twitter site The AV Life a couple of months back, which of course I notice. I was extremely intrigued after looking at her profile – admittedly I am not a huge racing fan, I’ll follow the Indy 500 and a few more major professional races, however I knew nothing about the likes of what Emily was doing. I had then begun trading e-mails with Mark Linscott, Emily’s father, and he called me when I was in Boston covering the Almo Pro A/V E4 AV Tour (I had been sitting and working at my laptop at the time). It was a highly enjoyable conversation, we became friends very quickly and came to the conclusion that her story would make for an excellent episode of The AV Life.

Now, you may ask what does auto racing have to do with The AV Life? Well, if you listen to that Episode 103: Meet the AV Integrator and Motorsport Manager, and his 15-Year Old Race Car Driver Daughter #thereal99 – you’ll actually notice it in the title, as Mark was a commercial and residential integrator in the UK (where they live). The 15-year old race car driver daughter – of course that’s Emily.

Emily and Mark

I’m at the right, the only Crew member on the podcast with Emily and Mark, done on a Saturday as Emily can only do a podcast on the weekend (school, homework and her practice/workout are of course the weekday activities). 

Find out all about Emily and her racing car beginnings, how Mark went from being an AV integrator to a motorsport manager, and you’ll hear about who Emily beat in her first drive (hint: he’s on the podcast).

Now, on to Formula 4.

If you note the header picture, that’s Emily with her team and the Formula 4 car.

Emily’s first pull away in the Formula 4 car:

Emily on the track in the Formula 4 car:

As we set up the next episode with Emily, Mark and I discussed Emily’s desire now to race only Formula 4 in the upcoming 2019 season, and we decided to base the podcast on this. I invited good friends home designer and racing fan Toni Sabatino (Toni has built an excellent Twitter following) and well-known AV industry executive Vin Bruno, the former CEO of CEDIA (and previous to that an executive with Crestron), now the CEO at Rayva Home Theaters. I’ve known Vin since my days in commercial AV integration selling and integrating Crestron control solutions, and then we became good friends while he was the CEO of CEDIA. Next month, I’m planning a trip to Rayva Theaters in Valhalla, NY. Toni and I had met more recently as she joined us on The AV Life to talk about CEDIA Expo 2018, which she and other home design and kitchen and bath experts attended (she is the National Kitchen + Bath Association (NKBA) Manhattan, NY Chapter President).

This next episode 107, recorded yesterday, looks like this on Zoom Video Communications, which I have used for recording podcasts since 2014.

The AV Life Ep 107.png
Top: Toni, myself and Vin (Toni and I in our Emily #99 caps) Bottom: Mark and Emily

In fact, Emily is a pretty big Zoom fan too – you can see that on her Twitter site.

As I always like to do, I have a pre-podcast discussion with those who will be involved whether by phone, videoconference or e-mail. First Mark and I touched base on e-mail, Toni and I had talked on the phone, and I sent Vin an e-mail inviting him which he immediately said yes too. I have to say that Vin was pretty excited to have the opportunity to join, as he is always a part of the discussion about opportunities for young people in the AV industry. This however would become a whole other discussion, one I’m sure Vin really enjoyed the opportunity to participate in, and I know that Toni did as she has been an Emily fan since getting to know her.

Here are my signed Linscott #99 hats – Toni has them too (along with winter hats). I do believe Emily’s fans look very much forward to getting hats signed by her as well.

Emily caps

In fact, the one on the right is what I’ll be wearing while I do The AV Life podcast now. I already wear it around town.

You’ll hear in Episode 107 about an upcoming F4 race in Malaysia, which we learned from Mark and Emily is nothing short of a racing stress test – one that would fully prep Emily for F4 racing in 2019, as she plans on racing across the world. This would be her very first Formula 4 race, and she would be the only woman according to Mark.

That’s right — the only woman.

Looking at the audio visual industry, where we talk about continued upward progress for women, the exact same would apply here. In a sport dominated by men, although there are Danica Patrick, Pippa Mann and certain others (Emily will be training in the U.S. under Pippa Mann soon, you’ll hear about that), Emily is certainly unique – especially where competing in this F4 race in Malaysia would be concerned. You’ll listen to her talk about it, how she’s ready to do it, her workout and mental preparation for races, and more – this all while going to high school, doing homework, and trying to be like an every day teenager.

Well, that last statement is a bit tough for a young woman with her “schedule.”

In fact it was just that as during the recording of Episode 103, we knew that Emily was going to see friends after we finished – they had scheduled to get together at 5 PM UK time. As we had finished finally at 5:15 UK time (yes my podcasts do go a bit overtime at times…), it was time for Emily to go and be with her friends, something she rarely gets to do with that schedule.

One thing we talked about on the podcast is Emily’s workout – listen to it, and here she is on the bike (wearing 5 layers):

Emily_5 layers on a Watt Bike 2

And more of her workout:

I told Emily that I would do my own Gym Challenge – here it is today:


Getting Emily to Malaysia, the greatest opportunity so far in her young racing career is the current mission, a race that’s just two weeks away. Of course it does come with a cost, which Mark has raised with sponsors and others. There are a couple of days left to raise the balance, by Tuesday midday in the UK – £6,500 (pounds) – here is an outline of what the sponsors will get (as detailed by Mark):

  • Their logo on Emily’s race car during the whole week she’s out in Malaysia (size subject to financial commitment) 
  • Mentioned in press releases before she leaves, when the media are notified of her impending change from Junior Status to International and from Junior Ginetta to Formula 4- – should get some good traction. 
  • Mentioned in press releases after the race weekend in Malaysia with a report of her experience out there and how she felt and who helped her make this transition. 
  • Social media announcement and engagement with each of the partners/sponsors who’ve been instrumental in getting Emily out to Malaysia. Each company/individual will be tagged (where possible) and will have the opportunity to engage on a continual basis thereafter. 
  • Newsletter (email) mentioning the instrumental parties to all of our current sponsors and email newsletter followers. 
  • Mention on Emily’s “News” page in her website, including photos of her and the car etc. 
  • Emily will post on social media, video and written posts about each day whilst on the way to, during and on the return journey, creating a story-book of her journey, activities and generally showing everyone what is happening and what she’s doing at any given time. 
  • We will give the commentators notes regarding Emily, her story and her partners/sponsors for this meeting specifically which could go out on their pre and post-race commentary as well as their “live” commentary too. 

The organiser of the F4 SEA Championship offer the following as part of their standard race weekend business: 

  • we live stream all our races which we encourage our drivers and sponsors to share. We have up to 200,000 views 
  • all our races are live-delayed broadcast on FOX, ESPN, CNN, ASN. OSN, BTV, TVI, ASTRO, RTM, etc 
  • we will provide a selection of photos 
  • we will provide a report to Autosport and all European media outlets 
  • Photographs of Emily, the car and their respective names on the car will be provided in digital format for their use as they see fit. 
  • A signed “Linscott” cap and a set of Emily’s stickers will be sent to each partner as a “thank you” too.

All inquiries should be directed to Mark at

Listen to Episode 107 with Emily and Mark Linscott, along with guests Toni Sabatino and Vin Bruno and live…

The AV Life.


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Note: All of Emily’s pictures and videos were submitted by Mark Linscott.