Integrators now have access to a wide range of professional-grade LED light strips compatible with the TrueImage user interface—as well as new low-voltage lighting control options

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Savant, a leader in smart home technology, has introduced an array of new professional integrator-quality architectural light strips, giving integrators new solutions that are compatible with Savant’s best-in-class TrueImage™ lighting user experience.

LED Light Strips and TrueImage Control

Savant’s revolutionary image-based TrueImage technology offers homeowners the finest, most intuitive control experience possible. In addition to providing on/off/dim control of lighting simply by touching an image of a fixture in any room, TrueImage now provides users with an intuitive WRGB color wheel and precision tunable white temperature selection all from the Savant Pro App for iOS or Android devices. Savant’s new professional-grade LED strips bring TrueImage and advanced color technology to more parts of the home with the introduction of these professional-grade LED light strips.

Engineered for Integrators

Savant’s lineup of LED light strips includes a number of indirect lighting options that integrators can utilize for cove lighting, behind flat panel TVs, inside cabinets and more. A tunable white LED strip allows for color temperature adjustments, changing automatically in concert with Circadian Rhythm throughout the day or manually by the homeowner as needed. Also offered is a WRGB light strip that provides all the features found on the tunable white model plus the option to select from millions of color choices as well. The Savant Pro app provides for exact WRGB color value settings, making it a great option for interior designers who want precise control over accent lighting and also want the homeowner to have access to lighting control through Savant Scenes. Both the Tunable White and WRGB strips are available in outdoor versions as well, and kits with drivers and power supplies are available in 16-foot and 32-foot strip lengths. In addition, an RGB Neon version is available, allowing for direct viewing accents similar to neon signs where each individual LED is not visible, making the strip appear as a line of solid color.

All Savant LED light strips are field cuttable and kits are available with professional-grade mounting options, plus various couplers and jumpers to allow integrators to custom fit the strips anywhere that the lighting designer or client desires.

Low-Voltage DMX Control

New controller offerings from Savant include a low-voltage DMX controller that allows up to 32 strips to be wired to a single controller.

“Savant continues to focus on innovative product solutions that exceed the capabilities of what is currently available on the market.” said Savant CEO Robert Madonna. “The new LED lighting strip product line, representing a valuable opportunity for integration specialists, brings the color selecting simplicity of TrueImage and Savant Scenes to more areas of the home than ever before.”

New Savant professional-grade lighting strips are available now with full kits starting as low as $300 MSRP.

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