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Join hosts Joe WhitakerCorey Moss, and Kaleo Lee as they welcome their guests:

Lauren Simmen – Manager, Marketing at AMETEK Electronic Systems Protection, SurgeX and ESP

Jimmy Paschke – Director of Sales at SurgeX Residential

John Greene – Vice President of Sales and Marketing at New Era Technology

Mark Vogel – Vice President of Business Development at Hauk Technology

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Top: Lauren, Corey, John Middle: Joe, Kaleo, Mark Bottom: Jimmy

Joe, Corey and Kaleo hit the road for a 5th time and head to the Road House with their guests, while Kym has the show off.  Data sanity check we believe. Lauren Simmen and Jimmy Paschke join to talk everything SurgeX – what you need to know on the residential and commercial side with the guests from residential and commercial integration as well.

And it’s the return of John Greene! So, you ask? We asked the same thing. Mark Vogel also drops in and that makes the Firing Range teams uneven – but better. Ethan Lee set dad up at the beginning, said hi, and it was time to leave when Joe talked about (you know).

Joe’s birthday is coming up in Indianapolis on Saturday – listen in for this conversation!

Along with this, Corey and John talk about New York Digital Signage Week – and they get a bit controversial. And if you have power needs for digital signage integration – you know who to go to.

Of course there’s talk of AV/IT convergence (eye rolls please) – Joe and Corey have other ideas.

Lauren phone ep 5
And Lauren has a prop

Stories for Episode 5:

The ResiOfficeSpace department: 


(a focus on ‘Resimercial & Resitality: The Impact of Commercial and Hospitality Design on Residential Spaces’)

And the Biamp barista!

The AV AR/VR/XR… Reality department: 

VR Days Europe shows the Business Benefits of Mixed Reality – Convergent AV.

Yes, all get real about the three R’s – and how can this be of benefit to the AV industry (you all remember drones and 3D right?)

Then, the seven enter…

firing range 4

The Vote -Carefully- With Me department 

A new app called Vote With Me lets you see the voting record and political party of every contact in your phone by Avery Hartmans/Business Insider.

All talk about voting, the app, nosy people, saving marriages, there’s a protest, a semi-submission – and this may have to be continued next election day!

So… step in, get real and power up with us in the Road House!

Note: There’s language, double entendres — wait we said that last time. We blame Joe, and John (oh heck let’s just blame it on everyone on every show).

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