By Corey Moss

The trip begins 10/23  – VA to NJ.

First stop on the trip 10/24 – NEC 25th NY Showcase:

Listen to my interview with Keith Yanke, Sr. Director Product Marketing at NEC Display Solutions 


And finally:

Next stop 10/25 – Nashville, TN (for the Almo Professional A/V E4 AV Tour):

Arrival in Nashville:

Thursday night – have to have some night life when in Nashville!

10/26 – Almo E4 AV Tour

Melody Craigmyle starts things off:

Amanda Eberle Boyer of AVIXA addresses the keynote audience:

In the news: Almo Professional A/V Highlights New Distribution Alliance with Middle Atlantic Products This Week at E4 AV Tour in Nashville

Middle Atlantic Almo Nashville.png

Listen to my interview at the E4 AV Tour with Kalee Luke, Territory Sales Manager, Legrand AV Brands/Associate Marketing Manager – Middle Atlantic Products, Inc. 


The E4 AV Tour in Nashville swag winner on the right (could have used this in my commercial integration sales days…):

The AV Life at the E4 AV Tour:

Final stop 10/30 – New York Digital Signage Week:

Umm, really NJ Transit? (ok maybe not the refund, but…) 😒

Coffee and Controversy at Google NYC:

Next, a stop over at Prysm in New York City for Evaluating Video Walls event presentation:

An NYC shout out:

Another stop over, this one at Geopath to meet with Kym Frank – an excellent discussion on NYDSW, OOH, data, audience measurement and more. We talked about Coffee and Controversy – no chairs were thrown, however there could have been a “wow mic drop” involved.

Actually, it was a Catchbox:

And then there was more cool swag:

Whos your data shirt

Listen to my Convergent Week Episode 17 interview with Kym Frank.

An outstanding time at NYDSW and the AVIXA Women/Women of DS event “Fun in the Sign” – a shout out to some good friends:

One of my favorite places to stay when doing business in NY and NJ – right in my former hometown of Morris Plains, NJ:

The road trip comes to an end as I needed to return to VA, with a message to one of my favorite FM stations:

The Almo E4 AV Tour swag winner looks good there:

A #FF AV Road Trip shout out:

Good to be back in VA – at the local Starbucks:

And representing #thereal99:

Before I end, more tweets from New York Digital Signage Week:

A closing thought about ecosystem as applies to the AV/tech industry (on #AVinTheAM):

Thank you for reading (and listening) to this social media/podcast journal of my NY/Nashville/NY #AVRoadTrip – another one to come soon.

Note: The NEC Showcase and Almo E4 AV Tour (Middle Atlantic) interviews are part of Convergent Week Episode 16 – you can listen to the full podcast here

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