Integration allows organizations to control and simplify user authentication and login

 Nureva Inc., an award-winning collaboration-solutions company, announces the integration of Span Workspace with single sign-on (SSO), an authentication process that allows users to access multiple applications with a single set of login credentials. With the integration of SSO later this month, Span Workspace administrators can conveniently control user authentication, implement multifactor authentication and enforce password complexity parameters through their cloud SSO service providers. Users will enjoy easier access to their Span canvases and improved security.

The basis for the SSO integration is OpenID Connect, a simple identity layer on top of the OAuth 2.0 protocol. This release will support Span Workspace SSO integration for Azure AD, soon to be followed by support for additional cloud-based SSO service providers such as Ping, OKTA and OneLogin. Although still new for many organizations, SSO integration is a growing requirement. In a Bitglass 2018 Cloud Adoption Report, which included an analysis of more than 135,000 organizations globally, 25 percent of organizations have adopted SSO solutions to authenticate their users. By industry, education is the leading adopter of SSO at 40.3 percent.

Span Workspace user-base continues to grow globally, and functionality like single sign-on is critical for an organization’s successful rollout,” said Nancy Knowlton, Nureva’s CEO. “SSO checks a very important box in delivering a secure and scalable solution by providing control to IT teams and convenience to users.”


Span Workspace will support single sign-on later in November.


About Span Workspace

Span Workspace offers an expansive (up to 200′ or 60.96 m) cloud-based canvas for creative collaboration. Users can create, share and edit ideas and information on their personal devices. They can also contribute and interact with content directly on Nureva’s interactive working wall and on any interactive display. By drawing upon familiar tools, including sticky notes, sketches, images and flip charts, teams can make the shift from a paper to digital collaboration experience without compromising their proven processes. For more information, visit the Span Workspace page on Nureva’s website.

About Nureva

Nureva Inc. is a multiple award-winning private company that imagines and builds solutions for tapping the creative and problem-solving potential of diverse teams around the globe. For businesses, that means enabling the group creative processes that are used to solve problems and develop breakthrough ideas that drive organizational advantage. In education, it means enabling the student-led, collaborative activities that deepen learning and equip students with the skills required for future success. A passion for deep customer understanding and a commitment to innovation drive the company’s product roadmap. For more information, visit Nureva’s website.