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Join the Crew host Katye McGregor Bennett and Corey Moss as they welcome their guests:

Vincent Bruno – Chief Executive Officer at Rayva Home Theaters

George Walter – President at Rayva Home Theaters

Listen to this in-depth conversation with Vin (who became Rayva’s CEO in August), and George about Rayva’s unique approach to home theater design and specification, technologies, and how they work with AV integrators.

George talks about Rayva’s beginnings, the business plan, vision, and how every opportunity from the start became a “project” – though George talks about home theater as a product, not a project, along with selling the experience.

Katye asks about the home theater environment and market segments, George also adds who some of the drivers are. Vin also talks about streaming content, and the difference that a Rayva home theater system makes. Katye also mentions the gaming experience – George talks about the immersive, and the huge opportunities in this category. Vin talks about how the Rayva Theater is properly acoustically developed, perfect for the immersive experience necessary for a gaming environment.

George and Vin talk about the Rayva Configurator and Build Book – maximizing design along with profits for the integrator, while delivering the best experience for the client. They also talk about utilizing developed CEDIA expert best practices to properly pre-engineer the room. They also discuss industry manufacturers, and how the customer can choose from these companies’ products and solutions for their home theater technology bundle. There’s a way for the client to take a VR “virtual walkthrough” of their overall theater room. George then discusses how this makes it simple for the dealer/integrator to install the system.

Katye has George and Vin talk about Rayva’s founder Theo Kalomirakis, and his well-known theater design background. George and Vin also talk about Rayva’s support. Katye talks about a home designer, who discussed the home theater as an “escape room” for her and the family to retreat to.

Katye finally asks about how Rayva will be expanding across the U.S., and what else is next.

Sit back, plug in and listen to this discussion about experiencing the Rayva difference.

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