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(RETRO by Toni Sabatino)

Hosts Corey Moss and Joe Whitaker (The Thoughtful Home) bring you on a ride for this first episode of a new industry podcast that’s about tech, multiple realms of AV and other professions, and the same good time you’d have at a trade show after party. Just without the fancy decorations and expensive entertainment.

Road house y’know…

Kaleo Lee joins Corey and Joe as co-host, the guests are:

Toni Sabatino – Toni Sabatino Style

Kym Frank – Geopath

Nader Dajani –

Cody Crossland – Blackwire Designs

AV Road House Ep 1.jpg.png

All talk about that industry “C” word, the different communities represented on the show, voice control – for the luxury home that is…

…the smart toilet, the Amazon Alexa-enabled smart microwave (that no one wants), and the customer experience (Kaleo knows). Toni talks about residential interior design, value, along with the CEDIA Expo influence for her and others (Joe led their tour at the show). And just how does this all differ from resi to commercial in the industry? There’s also discussion of video walls and custom programming too (Kaleo leads another great discussion here) and the U.S. resi/commercial integrator trend (Joe discusses this).

Kym talks about her company Geopath as she also discusses data and metrics. She also talks about New York Digital Signage Week (and karaoke – she’ll be singing with Corey), the social implications and confusion of smart devices (Corey tells a smart watch story), and Joe talks about analytics and taking the kludgy *stuff* out of Facebook and other social sites.

Cody talks about Blackwire Designs, he and Joe also talk about Just Add Power. Cody talks about Just Add Power commercial video distribution system – and digital signage, along with monetization. An excellent discussion here. And then Corey introduces Joe’s brand new segment on the show (of course it’s new – it’s episode 1).

You’ll just have to listen to the rest with the guests and the Road House team – and then there’s Joe in the corner…

Joe AV Road House Ep 1

Pull up a stool, have the drink of your choice — and enter the Road House!

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