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The AV person: Scott Wharton – VP & General Manager, Video Collaboration Group at Logitech

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What is the +? 

Logitech’s National Work From Home Week

Corey talks with Scott about:

  • His background and Logitech Video Collaboration Group
  • National Work From Home Week 2018 article that he wrote
  • Getting the best people from around the world
  • Enhanced video collaboration of today
  • Certain companies that brought remote employees back to the office
  • Remote team members at Logitech
  • Productivity – remote and in the office
  • InfoGraphic (Why every employer should consider Work From Home) in the article
  • Ease of videoconferencing today
  • Learning proper ways to work from home
  • Discussion of benefits to people and the planet (time savings, reduction of carbon emissions)
  • What he wrote about one of the companies that brought their employees back to the office, and the responses to it
  • Overall benefit of videoconferencing and the experience
  • You can win prizes (a work from home package)

Reference article: Logitech Celebrates Second Annual Work from Home Week


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