By Corey Moss

I can only say that after recently writing articles about Cisco and Facebook, Apple just has to be the next natural progression, right?

Today, after posting one of the biggest episodes of the year to my main podcast, I was greeted by this on the iTunes site for the show at 11 AM ET:

iTunes 0 items.png

This meaning, no episodes are appearing. At 5:00 PM ET, it hasn’t changed. It’s not good, for myself, or any podcaster who cares greatly about their show on iTunes.

Now, I know I’m not wrong about stating, with metaphysical absolute certitude (as one of my heros John McLaughlin used to say on his show in terms of probability scale) that episodes did appear on iTunes for my podcast just the other day – all 101 of them. Yet episode 102, most important as can be, is nowhere to be found. Or the other 101 for that matter.

Here is support on Twitter:

Pretty typical for a social media response to a tech issue. “We are here to help” – is this a tech? A support person of some kind? A social media person trained to give the proper responses?

And yes, where I point out about being a developer, billing support (how I ever ended up there I have no idea, as I didn’t have any billing issues or questions) as is procedure for them (I’m told) directs you to a website where you are greeted with — a Developer Agreement. As I read it over, I said this can’t be right – it’s talking about becoming an Apple Developer with access to videos, software and more. In fact, I was led twice to this site, though I did decide to hold off for now in becoming a developer for Apple. In fact, I’ve never been an Apple person, I’d be developing for Microsoft before I could possibly do it for Apple.

So after the confirmation in terms of it being a support line for app developers only, I went through another round. Here is Apple’s response on Twitter – and then mine…

Apple developer tweet

The link in the message, goes to the Podcast Connect website, where you submit a podcast for iTunes (which I and other podcasters do) so the listener or viewer can access and download episodes of shows there.

Now my problem was not in submitting a podcast, that’s already been done. My problem is in actually having episodes appear as they had the other day. Pretty simple I’d think. Not so much for Apple though.

Another round with Apple frontline support brought me right back to Billing Support, and the suggestion again that I contact Developer Support. I explained to this person that I had already done that, found out that they’re app developer support and wasn’t going to call again. This Billing Support person, who claimed to be the highest level manager that I would be able to possibly reach (Jason is his name), said tell them to transfer you to the correct support team.

Oh yes, high level support for app developers taking their time to transfer me to the team that handles support for podcast content providers – which I found out after all is said and done is… nobody.

I write this article for two reasons:

A) To expose how Apple Support has no idea how to help the content providers who actually make iTunes run if you will, sending them to places like app developer support (!!??).

B) If anyone reading this knows the proper team to contact at Apple who supports the podcast content providers who already have shows on the platform, I’d like to know. I’m at @Cbmoss on Twitter – go ahead and send me a DM.

Thank you for reading, and Apple – if you’re listening – I can still use the help.


Update 10/4 8:50 PM EDT – the problem has been resolved, my great thanks to Arlene in Apple Support who took the time, and patiently helped to resolve the problem. I made sure that her manager was aware of her excellent customer support skills.

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