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In their blog AV PODCASTS YOU SHOULD FOLLOW, Draper Inc. had this to say about ‘The AV Life’ podcast:

The AV Life: This is the main AV industry podcast produced by Corey Moss, owner at Convergent AV. Each week, Corey, or his partner Katye McGregor Bennett, host a plethora of guests to talk about all things AV. Corey, Katye and their co-host Crew of industry and other tech professionals carry on a weekly conversation with people from inside and outside the AV industry. Often there are several guests (10 to 14 total participants at times), giving this podcast a fun and family-type vibe. This can mean a longer podcast listen, but it allows a deeper dive into the issues and elicits a nice variety of opinion. The AV Life is one of several podcasts from Convergent AV. The others take a similar approach to covering various aspects of AV.

To listen to the AV Life and check out Corey’s other offerings, click here.

Created by Corey Moss in November 2016, The AV Life recently recorded the 100th episode of the show with a total of 20 people participating in the podcast (most on at the same time) on video and call-in. All ‘The AV Life’ shows are recorded with Zoom.

Corey and podcast partner Katye McGregor Bennett bring shows with varying topics and guests of different walks of AV and other technologies. A blend of tech discussion and humor, Corey and Katye have been working with this format for almost three years now.

“Katye and I have pretty much perfected the type of podcast that can bring topic and guests in commercial AV one week, and residential/smart home the next,” said Corey Moss. “We cover many topics that can be in a conversational, or even a panel discussion type format as in our ‘Welcome to the Mind Shift’ series. As for digital signage, this has become a very important category for us in terms of trending technology focus, and more trending technology subjects including AI, cybersecurity and blockchain will also enter the show as focused tech categories.”

The 100th episode of the show was in particular an excellent example of how commercial and residential AV, along with the digital signage realm came together on one show as NEC Display Solutions’ Richard Ventura joined Corey and Katye to co-host and bring guests and discussion on all three levels of the industry. As The AV Life takes a fun approach as well (which Draper alluded to in the blog), the episode had what could be compared to a trade show after-party vibe.

The AV Life Ep 100 1

Top row: Cory Schaeffer, Corey Moss, Brandy Alvarado, Rich Ventura, Kym Frank

Middle Row: Spencer Graham, Katye McGregor Bennett, Brian McClimans, Jeffrey Weitzman, Alex Capecelatro

Lower Row: Robert Keeler, Kaleo Lee, John Greene, Maria McKinsey, Vin Bruno (and Jon 9 below)

“Episode 100 was without a doubt a defining moment for the show, and bringing together these three technology spaces in the industry shows just what Katye and I have been able to achieve with our long-time partnership,” added Corey Moss. “The following episode 101, which Katye produced, is an excellent representation of a highly important residential AV topic and theme being addressed for the show, right after a major industry trade show, CEDIA Expo, where it was highlighted as well. Coming from commercial AV as a long time integrator, I find residential/smart home to be a blazing hot market.”

The Crew of The AV Life is comprised of Corey and Katye as hosts, along with co-host/Crew members Kaleo Lee, commercial integrator (AVCO in Hawaii), Matt Montgomery, residential integrator (TYM Smart Homes & Home Theaters), Taylor Meyer, mechanical engineering student (at Iowa State U.), and new Crew member, well-known residential AV integrator and design engineer Joe Whitaker (The Thoughtful Home). They are joined at times by guest hosts and co-hosts including Rich Ventura, Jon 9 and others.

You can hear Episode 100 Part 1 here. Part 2 here.

Listen to all of The AV Life episodes here. The AV Life is on iTunes and other platforms.