By Corey Moss

I met with people from Huddly at InfoComm 2017, and I have to say that I was very impressed with their product – the GO 150° wide angle camera. I have tracked Huddly’s activity in the space since, including this in October 2017 as Google Launched a New Hardware Kit for Hangouts Meet which includes the Mimo Vue Capture Capacitive Touch Display, and Huddly GO 4K camera.

It was announced at InfoComm 2018 that Crestron had partnered with Huddly to enhance the Crestron Mercury® UC experience.

Now comes Huddly IQ – first, what you need to know:

Huddly logo

  • Huddly IQ launched this week at Microsoft Ignite, together with Crestron’s new Flex UC solutions for Microsoft Teams at booth #1707
  • IQ is an AI-powered collaboration device, featuring 150° wide-angle video and an embedded mic array
  • Powerful onboard neural engine enables cutting-edge AI features that remove the need to control the camera manually
  • Provides high-quality meeting room analytics data that feeds into the Microsoft Azure-based Crestron XiO management platform
  • Automatic software upgrades regularly provide users with improvements and new features

A part of Crestron’s new Flex UC series of solutions for Microsoft Teams

Huddly announced that their newly launched Huddly IQ camera is featured in Crestron’s Flex UC series, unveiled Monday at Microsoft Ignite. IQ is part of the M100 all-in-one tabletop UC and AV solution and the B100 wall-mount smart soundbar. Both solutions natively run Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business, with one-touch join capability and management via Crestron’s XiO Cloud platform.

Joe Sarrasin, Product Line Manager, Unified Communications at Crestron comments “Crestron is delighted to work with a camera partner who was both willing and able to work with us to bring our UC offerings to the next level. Huddly has been the ideal partner and their IQ camera technology allows Crestron’s Flex UC Lineup to stand apart with industry-leading picture quality, features, and analytics. The Huddly camera will also improve over time with new AI software features, so Microsoft Teams users have a lot to look forward to with Crestron Flex.”

Intelligent, wide-angle video meetings

Huddly IQ

Huddly IQ is a first of its kind – an AI-powered collaboration device, featuring 150° wide-angle video, an embedded mic array and a powerful onboard neural engine* that enables cutting-edge AI features and advanced space analytics. Compact, USB-powered and platform agnostic, IQ delivers a meeting experience like no other to video meetings in small-to-medium sized meeting rooms and collaborative spaces.

However, it’s IQ’s onboard AI capabilities that take it to the next level.

An onboard neural engine allows IQ to see, understand and respond to its environment in real time. IQ uses these abilities to provide businesses with crucial insights into how their meeting spaces are being used with the Huddly InSights analytics API, and takes away the need to control the camera by automating the user experience in smart new ways with Huddly Genius features.

Huddly InSights analytics API

Using a single lens that provides multiple streams, IQ can detect, and count the people within its field of view, acting as a visual sensor within the meeting space.

This high-quality analytics data is made available to platform partners like Crestron via the Huddly InSights analytics API. In the case of Crestron, this data feeds into the Microsoft Azure-based Crestron XiO management platform.

Huddly Genius features

The first Huddly Genius feature to be released is Genius Framing, which detects the people in the meeting space and responds by automatically framing them for the far-end viewer, removing the need to control the camera.

The Huddly IQ camera is also software upgradable, with regular quality enhancements and new Genius features, meaning users’ collaboration experience will improve over time with each release, at no additional cost.

Future of video collaboration

Huddly CEO Jonas Rinde stated, in terms of bringing IQ to the world: “Today marks a major milestone for the company and for the team as we unveil our smartest camera yet, and to announce the launch of IQ together with the launch of Crestron’s fantastic new Flex UC solutions is a great validation of our technology. The Crestron team have been a real pleasure to work with and we are delighted to be taking our relationship with them to the next level with the Flex series and IQ.

“Our vision is to end unproductive meetings and elevate communication with compelling and intelligent vision products for everyone. IQ is true to this vision, delivering amazing new AI-powered Huddly Genius user experiences that remove manual processes and make it easier to collaborate and get things done.”

“With the Huddly InSights API, we are providing organizations with high-quality meeting room analytics data that will help them make better-informed decisions about how they use their space. IQ is truly a market-leading product that will deliver huge value to end users and we are all very excited to be introducing it to the world.

“Finally, I’d like to give a big thank you to the team – they have been working tirelessly to create IQ. The future is bright for Huddly, and the credit for that goes to them.”

* I will be following up with further information on the Huddly IQ neural engine.

(Note: header image from Huddly website. This news was reported by Huddly – see this news item for pricing information and more information on the company).

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