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Join the Crew host Corey Moss, Kaleo Lee and guest Crew member Derrick Kelly as they welcome their guests:

Adam Cuzzort – Chief Technology Officer, Solutions at Prysm

Wayne Driggers – Channel and Strategic Alliances Leader at Zoom Video Communications

Nic Milani – Executive Director, Commercial Product Marketing at Crestron

Adrian Doughty – National Sales Manager at Nureva

Brad Price – Senior Product Manager at Audinate

Greg Priest – Senior Account Manager at Advanced Presentation Products / APG Displays

As noted in Part 1, on this episode, we’ve invited six guests from well-known companies to talk about the industry based on these questions:

– Hardware of course still carries importance in the industry, however do you believe that this is still mainly a hardware/box-first (or only) thinking industry while IT is primarily a software/cloud-centric industry? If so, what’s to be done in terms of encouraging a greater adoption of technology categories beyond hardware? If not, what are the indicators you see that true such adoption is taking place?

(Continued with Adrian Doughty – Brad Price and Derrick Kelly had left the podcast).

Do you believe that DIY is a true concern business-wise for the commercial AV integrator, and possibly the manufacturer? If so, what do you think can be done? If not, please explain.

(Kaleo Lee hosts this discussion).

Sit back, plug in, join the Mind Shift (II) as we live…

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